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Is your soul for sale? Tell us about it here...

the stranger

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Originally posted by Kendrix

I went down to the crossroads intending to trade my soul to the devil in exchange for being able to play redhouse just like Jimi.

I sensed Robert Johnsons Ghost was flitting around.

However, the devil never showed.

So I still play redhouse like the white kid from the suburbs that I am.

However, Im still interested in the deal.


Me too. Only Stevie was there. And yeah, still waiting on the man. You'd think somebody so interested in harvesting souls would not be so damn undependable. :D

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I got to see Honey Boy Williamson. He's about 85, and he played a nice acoustic blues show.


He was there the night Robert Johnson was killed. He said he went to THE famous crossroads to see what would happen if he offered his soul.


Nothing happened.


(that he knew of..... hell, maybe he was really spared from falling into a manure spreader or something..)


(I mean, he's 85 and playing blues around the country. He even arrived on the train!)

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Pfff.... in return for what? Maaad laptop skillzzz?   :lol:

Well, it seems fiddlers do have some history with the devil. But nah, I coughed up a large chunk of my youth to a practice room. I'm set. 

Maybe if Johnny hadn't done runned off that there fuller the devil put him up against so easily I'd have more respect. He was no Paganini.

The devil should probably stay focused on armageddon, and the apocalypse. That seems to be going rather well. Maybe down the road a piece from there fiendish skills on a musical instrument will be worth considering trading for again.  :D


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