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What do I use to clean scratchy amp pots?

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Will it work to some degree on guitar pots as well?


Sure. Same thing. Be sure to have some paper toweling handy to abosrb the overflow.


The DeOxit comes in a spraycan with a thin straw-like extender. You stick the extender barely into one of the ports in the pot housing, and give a shpritz as you move the pot post through its range a few time. Mop up, done. :wave:

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7 hours ago, Howie Tipton said:

Can liquitech be used on potentiometers and faders?

Im not familiar with that one, but if its the "metal protector" that comes up googling the name, certainly not.  You need an electronics contact cleaner with a lubricant like deoxit fader lube.

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