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Simon LeBon- voice training or AutoTune LIVE ?


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Usted, soy

Ustad do you mind telling me what the documentary is titled? Id like to check it out

On 6/25/2006 at 11:44 AM, UstadKhanAli said:

I saw a documentary on Duran Duran, and it showed him doing an hour of rather difficult-sounding vocal warm-ups before recording, for whatever that's worth - and he was doing them quite well. He apparently does this all the time. He sounded really good doing these difficult exercises (although I suppose it's possible that the film crew had 


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On 6/26/2006 at 3:58 AM, MoreGuitars said:

I saw that concert as well, and I don't believe he was using auto-tune. My experience with auto-tune is that it's pretty noticeable when in use.

Not always true. Especially when done in post production for DVD release, for example, the 2012 Jesus Christ Superstar tour was autotuned in post by the BBC, and is quite hard to detect.

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