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Gibson vs. Epiphone Pots

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I was looking at the RS Guitarworks website thinking about an electronics upgrade in my Epiphone and they say there that they use different shaft lengths so you need different kits depending on whether you have an Epi or a Gibby. Take that with a grain of salt because I don't have any first hand experience ( haven't pulled the trigger yet ).

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You can get Switchcraft replacement pots with your choice of long or short shafts.


Most upgrades include everything under the hood.


Have you noticed dead spots on your volume and tone controls?


Some lousy Asian pots have a "live Zone" from about 7:00 to 9:00 and you get no response anywhere else on the dial.


That's a major reason for changing them.


Measure the Epi's shaft and buy the Switchcraft replacement. It should fit or you can make it fit.

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Pop one out-you'll see either a thin or thick top. Most imports use shorties...

(Did an older Epiphone and a Vintage-brand LesPaul "Lemon Drop"last week- both used shorties).


Oh yeah-the RS Superpots fuckin' rule for vol pots-nice sweep, keep highs when you turn down, Measure near 550K. (Most generic CTS measure under 500K)

Standard 500K pots are fine for tone controls.

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