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It Was Destiny: NAD - DRRI Content

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Sometimes, you just know. Like a good woman. Or a Mellon.


I plugged in my custom shop 57 RI strat into input 1 of channel 2. From the first chord -- it was an E major -- it was love at first . . . er . . . stroke. :love::love::love::love:


My quest for tone is over. I found out what kind of amp guy I really am. DRRI.


To make matters better (or worse, depending on your point of view), guitar center had it priced at $100 less than anyone was advertising it online. And so it followed me home.


Yes it's true. I am now a DRRI guy.:rawk:

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You should meet my two best friends, smith and wesson.


im aqainted with smith and wessen. But when i go see those guys i bring my friends {censored} and piss, and proceed to liberally apply them to my pants before running real fast.

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