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Best amplifier EVER?

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For me, 1968 Orange OR120.


Single channel with 5 knobs on the front and 100-120 watts of thunder :)

Tone isn't too dissimilar compared to some marshalls from the 60s and early 70s, only much punchier and the distortion doesn't have that annoying grainy quality that smothers the sound of the guitar. The overdrive is thick and warm and dirty. I rarely push it to the point that it gets that overdriven, but even then, the sound of the guitar just SINGS right through the distortion :)


One of the characteristics of the amp because of this is that it's so brutally honest, there's absolutely nothing to hide behind, it's so sensitive to the player and just everything about it makes me want to play better (and need to play better :p), it's super demanding.


I just love the sound of this thing, it's the sound i've always had in my head :D

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I grew up loving the Marshall JCM800 2203 and have an early 80s model that just sounds so perfect to me. thick, articulate and aggressive. That and a Les Paul is the sound of rock, IMO. You should hear the beautiful things it does with P90s too.


about 10 years ago or so, I picked up a Mesa Boogie Trem-o-verb head and really enjoy that sound as well. far more options than I really need, it's extremely versatile and the tones are amazing. Not your typical Recto, for sure.


Lately, I've been playing a BadCat 20-watt combo (the ClassicCat) and am in love. It's creamy Class A goodness~ I run it at 60-70% through a Weber attenuator and then hit it with a Greer sonic boom or TS9 when i want a little more dirt. Sounds killer. All the tones I need, fills the room un-miked and easy to bring to shows.

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I am not a fan non-gain amps really as I have gotten to the point of not liking dirt boxes of any type. I also have become fond of Master Volume amps (sorry all you purists out there). So I submit my rig as the greatest amp, loud with tons of headroom, dirty channel is beautiful fuzz with some EQ tweaking, and channel switching: The Orange Rockerverb 100:




I play in a genre where vintage gear is all the rage, especially amps such as Sunn, Ampeg, Orange, Laney, Acoustic, Plush, Marshall, etc. While some of those are great, other just aren't. They are bough for say pure volume and headroom, but you have to run dirt boxes with them. Others have what I feel is an undeserved reputation.

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