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Help me ID my Kramer Please!

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I have not been able to find a site or luthier etc. to ID my Kramer.


I hope there is some Kramer experts out there!


What I have is a strat shape, ivory color, black binding, black headstock with a gold kramer logo. I got it used and is modified, but has a rosewood fretboard with dot inlays, and the black neck plate says Kramer neptune NJ

and in the middle the serial number is SE 8267.


It has a coil tap switch, has a floyd rose 2 trem (dont think is stock) also has a slanted full size humbucker in the bridge and two single coil sized pup cavities for middle and neck, but again all have been replaced with Seymour Duncans, so I dont know what it was stock.


I like the thing, not sure of the pups either but they are all true Seymours with a full size humbucker and two mini humbuckers.


I cant find serial number searches and it probably an 80's model but dont know.


Anybody know how to figure this out?


Thanks Much,


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Thanks everyone, I do actually really like Kramer from Seinfeld also, my favorite character...though if I had to pick between him and the nurse photo..well. Yes well at least it is a striker, that makes sense. Someone liked it and installed some nice pups, it is not quite like the one in the photo, mine has oval, not the v shaped mid and neck pup openings, it has one tone, one volume, 5 way select switch, on coil tap switch and there is a second hole next to that which has a black cover where something either used to be or was on another model. It was missing the whammy bar and one piece of the locking nut, which cost 18 bucks to fix, but I bought it for 100 bucks and really like it. I will check out the site mentioned. I will also ask how much one of these things went for stock when new. I got it at a pawn shop so will never know who put the effort in to fixing it up, but like it better than any other 100 buck guitar I have ever had.


Thanks Much all,


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On 3/8/2020 at 1:55 AM, Eric4542000 said:

I have a Kramer med 80’s with Series II Floyd Rose and Seymour Duncan’s stock

serial number SF 1856

I can’t find any information on it either but definitely is a USA MODEL and has the Black New Jersey Neptone Neck Plate


Eric, post a pic, that will help.

Also the black neck plate and the NJ Neptune means nothing on the Kramers. Most of them, were ESP made body's and necks, and were set up in the states. The Neptune address was the corporate office, and NOT a factory.

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