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    Epiphone kicks off the summer by introducing four spectacular new guitars for NAMM 2016. This June, Epiphone will present the Inspired by "1966" Century Archtop, the Les Paul Special VE™, the Les Paul Traditional PRO-II™, and the Ltd. Ed. Inspired by "1955" Les Paul Custom™ Outfit.


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      Epiphone Ltd. Ed. Inspired by "1955" Les Paul Custom™ Outfit Featuring Gibson USA Soapbar P-90 pickups and a vintage style hard case
      Street Price: $799

      Epiphone Inspired by "1966" Century Archtop
      Historic mid 60s archtop featuring the new P-90 PRO™ single coil pickup
      Street Price: $599

      Epiphone Les Paul Special VE™ electric guitar
      With new Vintage Worn finishes and powered by Open Coil Humbuckers
      Street Price: $149

      Epiphone Les Paul Traditional PRO-II™
      Featuring Coil-Splitting, 15 db Boost, and Alnico Classic PRO™ & ProBucker™ Pickups
      Street Price: $499


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        Vintage King Pedal Summit Panel at Summer NAMM 2016
        Derrick Simpson of Analog Outfitters, Joel Korte of Chase Bliss Audio, John Cusack of Cusack Effects, Josh Scott of JHS Pedals and Brian Wampler of Wampler Pedals will be sharing their pedal design strategies and philosophies, which is an absolute must-see for guitarists, bassists and gearheads alike.


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          Teye Guitars will be celebrating its 10th Anniversary at the Summer NAMM


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            G7th, the Capo company, mentioned that they will have something of real interest to vintage Strat and Tele players


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              Guitarist, Todd Sharp, announces the launch of Todd Sharp Amplifiers, custom-made amplifiers


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                JAM Pedalsre happy to announce that they will be doing their first summer NAMM show in Nashville along with Dogu Custom Guitars & Amps.


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                  Whitfill Custom Guitars has been kind enough to give VVT (Vintage Vacuum Tube Amplifiers) some space to share in their booth and will showcase the Whitfill custom relic guitars, the Whitfill Combo Amp, and the DUI (Driver Under the Influence) OD Pedal


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                    Held on Saturday, June 25, at Nashville’s Music City Center, Music Industry Day will open the doors to NAMM’s members-only trade show to learn and connect at professional workshops, see the latest in new gear from leading musical instrument manufacturers, and to enjoy a multitude of artist performances and events. Professional Workshops:
 On Music Industry Day, music pros can experience the robust lineup of NAMM Idea Center educational sessions, as well as panels carefully curated to enhance the careers of artists, musicians, and songwriters. Industry experts, thought leaders, and Nashville names will cover topics ranging from cutting-edge social media strategies, to an insider’s look at guitar building, and insights on getting songwriting “cuts” from top names. Sessions will include:
                    · Social Media Strategies for Your Music Career
                    · DIY Marketing for Musicians
                    · Into the Sound Hole: Insights from Top Guitar Builders
                    · The Targeted Hit Songwriter: Increasing Your Odds of Getting Cuts
                    · The Pedal Summit
                    · Songwriting Tips from Nashville Pros
                    Also on Saturday, Advanced Audio + Applications Exchange (AE3) will present the Future of Audio Summit during Summer NAMM’s TEC Tracks. Catering to all sound, studio, and stage professionals, these future-focused sessions will explore disruptive innovations in music and audio, hosted by leaders in the field. Sessions will include:
                    · Breaking the Fear of Machine Intelligence and Virtual Reality
                    · The Future of Country Music with Kelsea Ballerini
                    · The Future of Music City and Technology Innovation
                    · The Future Guitarist
                    · The Future of Metadata and Business Intelligence for Music Row
                    · The Future of Instrument and Amplifier Modeling
                    New Products:
 Nearly 500 of the top musical instrument, accessory, and pro audio companies will be on hand offering attendees the chance to pick up and play. Exhibitors include Fender Musical Instruments, Gibson Brands, Martin Guitar, Pearl Drums, Roland, Taylor Guitars, Yamaha, along with emerging companies like Bourbon Barrel Guitars and StompLight Pedals. The big names in pro audio, including Alesis, American Music and Sound, Casio, Presonus, and Tascam will showcase new advancements in pro audio technology and must-have products.
                    Legendary Artists:
 Along with great products and sessions, Music Industry Day will also welcome the American Eagle Awards and its honorees: Emmylou Harris, Vince Gill, and the Grand Ole Opry. Produced by the National Music Council, the 33rd Annual American Eagle Awards recognize individuals that have made significant contributions to American music.


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                      Craig Anderton will join the Future of Instrument and Amplifier Modelling session

                      The Future of Instrument and Amplifier Modeling While amp modeling has been available for many years, the ability to digitally capture the tone of your own personal amplifier collection and create a high-quality library of your own personal studio gear is brand-new to most. This panel of leaders in the field of modeling technology will discuss the best techniques to model your own instrument collection, and explore the future of physical modeling hardware, software and mobile apps.

                      Craig Anderton, Gibson
                      Marcus Ryle, Line 6
                      Michael Wagener, Multi-Platinum Producer
                      Dan Boatman, IK Multimedia
                      Bob Bailey, Roland


                      • Mats Nermark
                        Mats Nermark commented
                        Editing a comment
                        As the text implies that this is about profiling, I find it strange that there is no representative for Kemper which today is the only product that lets you capture the tone of my own amps.

                        Having said that, I have the utmost respect for the people and the companies in the panel and I would love to attend.


                        Mats N

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                      Gretsch revamps Electromatic guitar range with 5 new hollowbodies


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                        Bieke - Hopefully I am not intruding. This came today from The Music Trades, and felt we could add it to the list of things you are posting.

                        Washburn Ships Heritage Acoustics

                        The all-new Heritage range of Washburn acoustic guitars that debuted at Winter NAMM 2016 is now available for immediate delivery from KMC Music, Washburn's exclusive U.S. distributor. The line comprises four series of guitars primarily distinguished by the back and side woods: Heritage 10 is made from mahogany; Heritage 20 from rosewood; Heritage 30 from quilt ash; and Heritage 40 from flame maple. Most models feature a solid spruce or cedar top. All guitars in the series have been upgraded with cathedral Peak advanced-X scalloped bracing, which improves tone while maintaining stability. In addition, all models feature an environmentally friendly UV-cured polyester finish, and with the addition of the Washburn classic tortoiseshell pickguard, Heritage guitars are optimized to meet the needs of the Americana, country, and strumming musician.
                        NAMM Booth 1143

                        Players Music Distributes Unique Cool Wind ABS Horns
                        Players Music has been appointed exclusive U.S. distributor for Cool Wind ABS Horns. Cool Wind horns are the next generation of plastic wind instruments in a fast-growing category. These high-performance instruments offer all-metal, high-precision valves, surprising tonal fidelity, and excellent reliability at highly competitive price points. Cool Wind instruments will initially be available in five different models including a trombone with F attachment (F trigger), trumpet, euphonium, tuba, and piccolo trumpet. Each model is available in five different colors.
                        NAMM Booth 401


                        Hammond Unveils New Flagship XK-5 Portable
                        Hammond's new XK-5 Organ draws on original blueprints of Hammond's classic B-3 organ to capture its sound and feel with unmatched accuracy and soul. An all-new sound engine combines modeling and sampling to reproduce every nuance of the electro-mechanical tone wheel generator, while a custom keyboard action duplicates the heft, bounce, key travel, and multi-contact behavior of classic Hammond console organs. Other features include four full sets of drawbars, plus pedal drawbars, a controls layout identical to a B-3, a new and ultra-realistic digital Leslie effect, and the ability to duplicate individual organs down to the model, year, condition, and serial number--with downloadable tone wheel profiles upcoming from famous Hammond organists. MAP $3,695. Also, Hammond's new Heritage series of manual console options expands the XK-5 into a full transportable B-3 console. The XK-5 Pro System has a modern look and comprises the XLK-5 lower manual (with same key action and multi-contact system as the XK-5). Its vertically extended side panels replace those on the XK-5, creating a gapless dual-manual organ that can be carried as one piece. The optional XPK-250BK 25-note pedalboard in black finish with EXP-250 expression pedal, and open-footprint black aluminum folding stand with matching bench, complete the Pro System. The Model A-3 looks like a traditional B and includes the A-3 lower manual with thicker side panels than the XLK-5, matching wooden A-3 legs and wooden bench, and XPK-250W pedalboard in red walnut finish.
                        NAMM Booth 430
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                          Levy's Ryder Strap Features Untreated Veg-Tan Leather
                          The new Ryder guitar strap from Levy's Leathers, model PM22RYD-NAT, is a veg-tan guitar strap with a 1" piece of natural untreated veg-tan leather and a brown veg-tan leather pad with suede backing decorated with orange thread. The pad is 2" wide and adjustable from 38" to 52". As untreated veg-tan leather ages it develops a patina not possible with treated and dyed leather. It is also affected by sunlight and the naturally occurring oils in a person's hands. All these factors contribute to subtle nuances and shading and a unique look for every strap.
                          NAMM Booth 1113

                          KoolMax Cooler Has Bluetooth Audio System
                          Sondpex Corp. of America's KoolMAX 40-quart cooler features a powerful 350-watt wireless sound system. It can hold 48 cans or 28 beer bottles, and its advanced insulation technology keeps ice frozen for up to three days. KoolMAX has wheels and an extra-long telescoping handle for easy transport. An iPad or tablet can be safely placed in its top compartment, and an iPhone or smartphone can be stored and charged at the same time in a water-resistant slot in the front panel. Described as "the ultimate party machine for outdoor enthusiasts," the KoolMax can play streamed music from any Bluetooth-enabled device wirelessly within 30 feet through two 6.5" passive hi-fi outdoor speakers and two high-performance 2" tweeters. It can also perform as a pro-grade p.a. system with its XLR microphone input, 1/4" instrument input, 3.5mm auxiliary input, USB data port, and SD card slot. The KoolMax is ideal for all outdoor uses including beach parties, backyard BBQs, camping, boating, fishing, music events, conferences, seminars, etc. MSRP $299.99
                          NAMM Booth 228

                          New Hal Leonard Titles Focus On Legendary Jaco Pastorius
                          In Play Like Jaco Pastorius ($19.99), Hal Leonard offers a new book with online audio that helps players learn the legendary bassist's technique. This title digs deep into the artist's trademark songs, lines, and tones. Also available is Jaco Pastorius Play-Along ($17.99), comprising eight songs with sound-alike audio tracks.
                          NAMM Booth 613

                          Vandoren Reinvents V16 Alto Mouthpiece
                          After 17 very successful years, Vandoren's V16 alto mouthpiece is getting some exciting new improvements. After listening to musicians in New York and in Paris, Vandoren re-envisioned the chamber design of the V16 small chamber alto sax mouthpiece. The new S+ chamber, the next step in the evolution of the V16 alto mouthpiece, offers a richer depth of sound while keeping the free-blowing nature and projection that characterize the V16 alto models. The S+ chamber accommodates more air, providing the musician greater flexibility and a wider array of tonal colors to work with. The new S+ chamber will take the place of the current V16 alto S series mouthpieces.
                          NAMM Booth 510

                          Mad Professor Sweet Honey Overdrive Deluxe
                          To celebrate its ten-year anniversary, Mad Professor Amplification Ltd. making its best-selling product, the Sweet Honey Overdrive Deluxe pedal, even better, with two extra tone knobs for Bass and Treble next to the classic Focus knob. Now players can get more bass, more treble, and more overdrive out of this favorite pedal, making it an even more versatile performer. In addition, the Sweet Honey Overdrive Deluxe has a wider range on Focus, providing more control over upper mid emphasis, as well as more bass and low midrange. The pre-distortion Bass control helps to control how the low midrange is distorted. The new boost/cut Treble control adds even more versatility to shape the tone. Sweet, touch-sensitive, dynamic tones range from very mild break-up to medium overdrive/distortion.
                          NAMM Booth 1259

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                            Sacco Adds Six-String With Revolutionary Neck Design
                            After unveiling his revolutionary Butterfly Wing Neck Through technology on a five-string bass in late 2015, Michael Gerard Sacco, its inventor and builder, has now applied it to a new a six-string electric guitar. This truly new--and patented--type of neck eliminates shortcomings associated with bolt-on, set, and conventional neck through designs by fully integrating the instrument's neck into the body. Designed specifically for each instrument's type, size, and shape, Sacco's "butterfly wings" extend out into the body through carved resonant chambers to produce far superior amplitude and sustain, verified in testing by acclaimed veteran audio engineer, producer, and KAP Audio owner Pete Pantelis, as well as a much fuller and richer sound. The guitar is featured in Black Cherry Burst finish and is equipped with EMG's best electronics: an 89XR in the neck position with single coil tap and an 81TWX in the bridge position with coil tap; separate volume and active tone controls for each pickup; EMG presence control, Exciter, and 20db boost switch, all active; along with a three-position Switchcraft Selector switch. The bridge is a fixed Babicz, and the tuners are Grover Rotomatics. Abalone diamond fret markers are inlaid into the 24-fret 12-degree-radius fingerboard.
                            NAMM Booth 1759

                            Nici's Picks Custom Handmade Metal Guitar Picks
                            After a highly successful introduction of its custom handmade metal guitar picks and music-themed accessories, Nici's Picks will be showcasing an expanded line featuring new shapes, materials, and marking techniques at Summer NAMM. Nici's new sharkfin and tear drop shapes, produced in aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, sterling, and gold, are already instant hits. Nici's Picks is dedicated to handmade custom and personalized metal guitar picks, music-inspired jewelry, and promotional items designed for both aesthetics and serious playing. In just its first year, the company sold more than 10,000 picks and was launched to the #1 spot on Craftcount's handmade music category for Etsy. Originally from Leipzig, Germany, creator Nici Laskin is a New Mexico freelance artist. Through Nici's Picks, she's created and filled orders ranging from a single aluminum pick as a Valentine gift to a unique winged-guitar necklace, a 14K gold custom cuff bracelet, and 500 sterling silver picks as a promotional program for a major resort chain. "All work is designed and crafted with passion in our studio," said Laskin, "and every item is handmade right here using sheet metals supplied by only local producers. Our attention to quality and customer service has rewarded us with a solid following and repeat customers."
                            NAMM Booth 1611

                            Jo-Ral Debuts New Website
                            Jo-Ral Mutes has launched a new website with a simple and intuitive layout that makes researching its products fast and easy and clearly outlines the differences between the various Jo-Ral models as well as the design and production attributes that set Jo-Ral mutes apart. Jo-Ral dealers report happy customers along with solid margins relative to most mutes on the market, and the majority of musicians who buy one Jo-Ral eventually buy at least one more. Retailers can apply to be a Jo-Ral dealer from the company's new website ( Jo-Ral can also accommodate international dealer requests: Having partnered with The British Band Instrument Company, Jo-Ral now has product warehousing and distribution channels that make it easy for dealers worldwide to take on the Jo-Ral line.

                            Danelectro Debuts Vintage 12 String Guitar
                            The new Danelectro Vintage 12 String Guitar is now available to authorized Danelectro dealers. Manufactured in Korea, the Vintage 12 String features the traditional Danelectro D59 double-cut design. A semi-hollow body with F-hole and two '56 vintage lipstick pickups help to re-create the familiar vintage 12-string jangle and tones. Danelectro's Vintage 12 String is available in three hot vintage finishes: Aqua, Metallic Red, and Vintage White. Street price $449.
                            NAMM Booth 1027

                            Acoustic Treatments By Overtone
                            Overtone Acoustics aims to elevate the listening experience of musicians, recording engineers, producers, etc. with a lineup of handcrafted acoustic treatments. Combining concepts of form and function, these products were created for performance and design, transforming the way the artist's creative space looks and feels. Overtone acoustic panels, bass traps, and sound diffusers are priced for the entry-level musician and deliver sound solutions suited for even the most critical listener. Man-made in the USA from the highest quality, furniture-grade materials, every product is built to last for years. Available in a variety of premium fabrics and finishes, they are sure to complement any décor. Choose from readily available Room Kits or request a free room analysis and receive custom-tailored solutions.
                            NAMM Booth 348

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