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Meanwhile at Musikmesse

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  • Meanwhile at Musikmesse

    3 days until Musikmesse ...

    over 2000 exhibitors, I will again try to see it all in one day
    fueled by bananas, brat and beers
    lots of rumors

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    but this is not a rumor, Gibson will present the ‘Eden of CORONET'
    a 2 million $ guitar
    and it's not even a burst
    it's an SG with 400 carat diamonds and 1.6 kilogrammes of 18 karat gold.
    gone into the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s most valuable guitar.


    • Temple of Light
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      I wonder who it's owner will be.
      Whether musician or collector.

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    There will be a special Neal Preston photography exhibition ‘In the Eye of the Rock’n’Roll Hurricane' provides a unique insight into 45 years of rock history.


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      This is speculation, but Behringer might reveal something about that analog poly synth, not much
      rumors from Korg or Yamaha, but Roland will bring something new in the Aira range, a modular of some sorts

      also, rumors about the release of the Roland JD-XA synth

      no confirmation about this yet, but the JD-Xi will be on display

      and I stumbled upon this unofficial pic of the Roland Aira System 1M synth

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      • Temple of Light
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        OMG one Synth to rule them ALL!
        Most wanted list of criminal gas.
        One of these with an Aira on top please...
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      Boss is teasing a new guitar pedal, could be a guitar synth or modeling pedal ?

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      • puretube
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        just when I tried to do a last attempt in trying to post pix,
        for contributing like last year (which was an ordeal...),
        again I got a "database error"...

        This comment written with "FireFox",
        which doesn`t allow me to reply normally...

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        strange, Firefox is working for me, IE11 is not working for me

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        This comment written very slowly with IE8,
        which won`t let me reply, too...

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      Martin Guitars have pre-announced 2 commemorative dreadnoughts ; a D-35 50th Anniversary and a
      HMS -a WW1 British Navy battleship- dreadnought

      there's more :
      • Ed Sheeran X Signature Edition: The second Signature Artist Edition features an LX body size with the “X” album logo on the headplate and fretboard in fluorescent green. The album’s logo is inlaid in solid koa on a solid Sitka spruce top. The Martin logo is also displayed in fluorescent green on the black headplate. The model comes stage-ready, equipped with Fishman Isys T electronics
        • 00X1AE: The 00-14 fret, non-cutaway, acoustic electric model features a Sitka spruce top and laminate mahogany-grained back and sides. It is equipped with Fishman Sonitone electronics with USB.
        • GPX1AE: A Grand Performance-14 fret, non-cutaway, acoustic-electric model that features a Sitka spruce top and laminate mahogany-grained back and sides. The rust colored laminate neck complements the rich hue of the back and sides, making this an aesthetic beauty. Equipped with Fishman Sonitone electronics with USB for a great dynamic sound.
        • GPCRSGT: This GPCRSGT Grand Performance, 14-fret cutaway model features a gloss top, Sapele back and sides and Fishman Sonitone electronics with USB. It is one of the first Grand Performance body sizes in the Road Series.This model has the look and sound of a cherished Martin guitar.

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        Orange amplification will have a new high-spec valve amp and according to the rumor mill, Marshall will bring something new as well


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          Some exciting new electronic drum gear to be expected and more mini kits


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            Epiphone will release a Tony Iommi signature model SG


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              Musikmesse is always interesting to discover the smaller manufactureers and their products, especially for synthfolks it is always a treat. There will be this -made in Belgium- digital Modor NF-1 module


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                Yamaha is planning to start selling instruments under the name of Montage... "reface" and "provisionaire touch" are also new trademarks of Yamaha ... so rumor has it that Yamaha will bring Montage, a multi synth engine workstation with "reface" and "provisionaire touch"


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                  Vox debuts the Custom Series AC10C1, 10W tube amp more powerful than the AC4, and more portable than the AC15


                  • Phil O'Keefe
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                    With ten watts and a 10" speaker - it looks pretty darned cool! It has reverb too, but no tremolo.

                  • Temple of Light
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                    A lot of tone in a small box, would love a head version.
                    Damn , EL84's oh yeah...Kiefer as in reefer...
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                  of course the usual plethora of new and updated Eurorack modules, Doepfer has announced a price increase starting as of April 2015
                  Bastl brings a new line of oak-paneled modules

                  Announced modules include:
                  • ABC – 6 channel mixer
                  • grandaPa – granular sampler
                  • Knit Rider – 6 voice trigger / gate sequencer
                  • littleNerd – trigger / gate processor
                  • multiple – passive handwired multiple
                  • Noise Square – noise and square source
                  • Quattro Figaro – quad vca + cv invertors + mixing
                  • Skis – dual decay + vca
                  • Spaghetti – inverter, buffered multiple, unity mix
                  • Tea Kick – more than just a bass drum


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                    Pittsburg modular will present new case that’s designed to let you create a modular stomp box synthesizer with eurorack modules

                    The patch Box is designed to be used as a foot-controlled stomp box. It lets you add your own modules, letting you create a foot-controlled modular stomp box.

                    Pittsburgh Modular’s Patch Box redefines modular synthesis around the venerable stomp box by creating a monster performance device for guitarists and keyboardists alike — a patchable, modular system designed to handle anything. As a playground for unrestricted creativity, the Patch Box is a fully-patchable, customisable performance pedal enclosure. Its open architecture allows users to create unique effects unattainable with standard, fixed-signal path guitar effects. The Patch Box is not just another empty Eurorack case, however. Rather it can be packed to the gills with the functionality of (up to) five highly-tuned modules integrated into a heavy-duty steel enclosure that’s as road-ready as it is ready to use.

                    To protect the tone of user instruments, thoughtfully the Patch Box features a true BYPASS and a unique preamp with extremely high headroom in addition to a pair of fully-buffered outputs. Custom-engineered soft-limiting circuitry built into the preamp adds character without unwanted noise at higher gain settings. Said preamp has dual, buffered outputs to allow for complex signal routing, but for patching a single modulation or audio source into two destinations, the patchable signal splitter is a perfect solution. Also known as a MULTIPLE, the signal splitter has one input and two outputs, allowing any signal to be routed to two destinations.

                    Dual, assignable expression pedal INPUTS allow the Patch Box to easily integrate third-party expression pedals anywhere into the signal path to allow for realtime foot control of any voltage-controllable parameter or split the signal from the foot controller to control two parameters at once. Dual, assignable A/B foot switches — SWITCH 1 and SWITCH 2 — expand signal routing options. Perfect for use as on/off switches or to flip between two signals, the foot switches can be patched up to enable/disable individual modules or route audio and control voltages. Try patching a modulation source, such as an LFO (Low Frequency Oscillator) or external expression pedal, through the foot switch to enable or disable the modulation while playing. Patch the outputs of two effects into one of the foot switches to bounce between effects. With two independent, patchable foot switches to play with, there are countless options for realtime signal routing. The last stage of the Patch Box signal path is a master OUTPUT level control. Adjust the output signal level to connect with a wide range of devices.

                    Furthering flexibility, the Patch Box is available as an empty case, ready and waiting for user-customisation, courtesy of an ever-increasing selection of Pittsburgh Modular, Dwarfcraft Devices, or other compatible Eurorack-format modules. Meanwhile, the Patch Box is also available in a number of preconfigured so-called Complete and Core effects systems that highlight the wide range of Pittsburgh Modular and Dwarfcraft Devices effects modules — from stunning filters to character-rich analogue delays, sweeping phase shifters to nasty distortion, and much more besides… all are available to interact with and manipulate in entirely new ways!

                    Being billed as “A Modular Exploration of Time and Space,” Time Box Complete comes complete with a Patch Box enclosure, Analog Replicator (wide-range analogue delay module), Reverb (voltage-controlled digital reverb module), Lopass Gate (integrated lowpass filter, VCA, and lowpass gate module), LFO2 (dual modulation source module), and Multiple (dual passive signal splitter), plus a 12-pack of patch cables from premier Eurorack modular synthesizer accessory specialist Nazca Audio. Alternatively, Time Box Core comprises Patch Box-housed Analog Replicator and LFO2 modules, plus a six-pack of Nazca Audio patch cables.

                    Next up, Filter Box Complete makes modular filtering and signal-crushing downsampling a flexible musical experience, thanks to a Patch Box-housed Filter (multimode state variable filter module), Lopass Gate, Crush (analogue downsampling module), Follow (envelope follower module), LFO2, and Multiple, plus a 12-pack of Nazca Audio patch cables. ‘Downsizing’ somewhat, Filter Box Core offers filter sweeps courtesy of a Patch Box-housed Filter, Follow, and LFO2 modules, plus a six-pack of Nazca Audio patch cables.

                    Phase Box Complete comes complete with a Patch Box enclosure preconfigured with a Phase Shifter (16-stage analogue phase shifter module), Lopass Gate, LFO2, and Multiple, plus a 12-pack of Nazca Audio patch cables. Phase Box Core makes massive liquid simplicity reality with Patch Box- housed Phase Shifter and LFO2 modules.

                    A collaboration with Eau Claire, WI, USA-based handmade effects pedals and synthesizers specialist Dwarfcraft Devices, Dwarf Box Complete celebrates this partner company’s expertise in sonic destruction by partnering up their Big Distortion Sound Machine (parallel distortion module with two distinctly different fuzz flavours) with Pittsburgh Modular’s Filter, Chain Reactor (quadraphonic, voltage-influenced chaotic waveform generator), and Toolbox (multi-purpose slew, noise, sample & hold, and inverter) modules.
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                      Finnish keyboard and pro audio products manufacturer Generalmusic has announced plans to reintroduce its ‘legendary brands’ GEM, LEM and ELKA in 2015. Since they did not reveal much at Winter NAMM, perhaps we will find out more at Musikmesse