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"Audio device could not be initialized" - Behr.UMC 202 interface, Studio One software

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  • "Audio device could not be initialized" - Behr.UMC 202 interface, Studio One software

    Hey folks,

    I'm a long-time (acoustic) guitarist just diving into the world of home recording. Bought an sE X1 mic, a Behringer UMC 202 interface, and tried a couple of different (free) DAWs before ending up with Studio One (the free version of 'serious' software seemed like a good choice).

    Now, I'm running into some issues right from the get-go. Afer a few minutes a notification will pop-up saying "The audio device UMC could not be initialized. Please check your hardware configuration and try again.", and Studio One will switch to ASIO4ALL as its 'audio device' - and the laptop speakers will start giving feedback.

    I know enough to have downloaded the latest drivers for the interface, but that's about the extent of my knowledgeability. My best guess concerning the feedback is that, when the UMC interface drops out, the laptop switches to its on-board mic, which could create a feedback loop with its onboard-speakers. But I might be completely wrong. Either way, I figure the main issue to be the interface dropping out, and the feedback simply a symptom of that.

    There's such an immense amount of variables here (laptop, interface, software) that I really wouldn't know where to start with troubleshooting. I hope someone with a bit more experience can help me out


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    Disable your internal sound card through the hardware manager, just right click on the device and select disable.
    That will prevent the computer from jumping ship over the failed driver and causing the internal sound card from feeding back.

    As far as the UMC 202 goes. Make sure you have the latest driver installed, then go into the control panel > Audio devices and select the UMC to be your default audio device. This way the computer looks for it when it boots up. Be sure the devices is connected with a high quality USB cable and have the unit turned on before booting the computer. This way the unit is connected and ready to go before you open your DAW program.

    Also there may be some settings in the DAW programs audio settings that allow the unit to be shared and also to make sure the drivers are loaded before the program starts. You may want to try those settings out to see if it helps.

    An external interface should be set to ASIO in most cases. WDM are windows drivers and that may be why you're having so many connectivity issues.

    You may or may not be able to open older projects with ASIO because the project was already set up with the WDM drivers. You should run ASIO on your newer projects when using the Interface.

    If you switch back to using your windows sound card it defaults to WDM so you may not be able to open existing projects that used ASIO drivers.