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    Hi guys, not really sure if im in the right forum here,i apologise if im not. I just wanted to post a mix ive done for some feedback. The song only involves acoustic gtr ,piano and vocal but im still unsure about the sound ive got. The song is part of a concept album so its very short. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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    Well, I'm not an expert in this genre of music but I can give you some general recommendations that might help.

    The first thing I noticed was an inverted stereo field which makes me believe this was mixed with headphones. The vocals are pushed into the background and the side fields are up front. This may sound good on headphones or ear buds but it doesn't do justice to the piece played through speakers.

    What happens when you use headphones is anything in the center is between your ears inside your skull, and with speakers its in front of you facing you like another person. Its nearly impossible to mix properly with bones. I did it for at least 15 years and I's get lucky in one out of 10 mixes where it was fairly good. Using near field monitors its just the opposite where I may get 9 out of 10 right. I am making the assumption you are using headphones of course, but the signs do seem to indicate that to me.

    As far as the actual parts go. The vocals are quite excellent and should be front center stage and not pushed into the background. If you are the singer, you have nothing to be bashful about mixing those vocals up front. Next about 1/3 to 1/2 way in you have a sound on the right side with the keyboard. Its either and envelope or a delay was placed on the sound. The timing of the envelope is off with the beat and its distracting enough to screw with the sings timing. The effect is out-front enough to draw your attention and its envelope end is to slow to end on the beat.

    Bringing the vocals up front will also allow you to add some bottom end kick to the drums. The mids and highs aren't bad but there's nothing happening down stairs which makes the song weak at best. I'm not hearing any bass guitar so its up to the kick drum to provide that. I might even suggest you writing a low end synth part in the bass region to help solidify things.

    That's about all I can think of at the moment. The singing is great and there's nothing major wrong with anything else. I think with a remix and some additional attention to details with the ear candy you can have something pretty hip happening. Good luck