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  • br-800 import into computer

    I wanna import songs from Boss br-800 into computer .My computer wont work with supplied daw disk . Its says that it wont work with windows 7 64-bit ,which is what I have . Whats a daw that might work . Reaper?

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    Yea try reaper. Its free to use with whatever nag screen it has. If you like it its inexpensive to license

    I'm surprised the disk doesn't work though. I can rum all my old programs in win 7 going back to Cakewalk 7.
    I may have to run them in XP compatibility mode but they work.
    On older legacy programs you can right click on the program and select install as administrator. You should be able to
    install it as XP compatible. The only other option is to set up a dual boot drive and run the software on an older
    OS version.

    Have you checked the Boss sits and see what the specs are on the software and whether they have a newer version?


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      checked boss site ,it said windows 7 thing not, well , they said it wont work in an obtuse way . I do it like this :
      boss br 8 song>recorded analog into cd burner> cd put into computer and "ripped " into windows media plyr. (mp-3) >downloaded to various sites . Ive done just shy of 250 works like this . My earliest attempts sounded bad to demo quality at best. Later on ,the last few years they do sound much better ,they just are not loud or terribly dynamic. reaper was exercise in futility .


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        i have a br-800 too and it comes with a wave converter. connect the br-800 to the usb port of the computer and set it to 'USB' in the menu. and select 'wave converter'. once your computer detects the br-800 you can use the wave converted to export tracks or mastered tracks to your pc.


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          I had the best luck importing the files from the BR-800 using the wave converter and pulling the card out of the unit and inserting into a card reader attached to the computer.