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  • Kindness

    There are a few steps that should be taken each time an instrument is set up. Doing these steps in the proper order is critical to achieve the desired end result.

    1. Tune the instrument to the pitch it will be played.

    2. Set the relief.

    3. Set the string heights.

    4. Set the intonation.

    5. Set the pickup heights.

    Done. Okay, it is that easy, but here
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    this needs a sticky aswell
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      great write up man


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        Thanks guys.
        HCBF Amp Build: Kindness's Links

        More about me:
        Chicago Patent Attorney


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          FAQ this thread, like, now.
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            Best set-up thread ever


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              well done. you've have the skill!
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                I've got 3 basses to work on tonight. Can't wait to get home.



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                  Another top notch how-to by kindness!

                  That string action guage is very cool. I may have to order one myself!
                  Daaaaa Bearrrrrssssss


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                    Or just play a Modulus and be done with it...

                    Jeez, feel like I'm on TB or something all of a sudden getting hit with all this "knowledge"...

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                      Good work, kindness. And yes. These 2 threads should be stickied in the Bass FAQ
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                        I thought I may try to contribute to the thread

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                          Sorry, wrong link

                          here is the one I meant to post

                          and I agree with Thud maker
                          another sticky worthy post


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                            You may want to loosen the strings before turning the truss rod nut.

                            Capo the first fret to measure string height? wouldn't the measurement change after you take the capo off? is there a reason for this?


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                              great write up man

                              Yeah, well done, bud...

                              - georgestrings