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Can someone help me with a vocal recording issue?

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  • Can someone help me with a vocal recording issue?

    Hi guys,

    I am very very new to recording. I have a simple setup--just my laptop, an M-Audio MobilePre USB recording interface, and an MXL 870 recording mic. I have been trying to record this song where I do a couple harmonies with the main vocal line. Everything sounds fine but then all of a sudden there will be this sort of break or pop (I don't quite know how to describe it). It almost seems like the frequencies of the two vocal parts are interfering with each other or something.

    I've been trying to read about this and I came across the "flanging" effect. I don't know if this is what is happening or not, but it's like the vocals just cut out for a millisecond and it creates this kind of popping noise. Granted there are a lot of things I don't have, like a pop filter, or a good soundproofed room. It's a really basic setup. I don't mind if my recording is kind of ****************ty and amateur sounding; it's more of a means to present my work and then eventually have it re-recorded by a professional. But this popping is just not acceptable. Anyone have some ideas of what I can do to fix it?

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    Try recording at a lower level if your levels are high.

     Failing that, try to stop any other random stuff your computer is doing that it might not need to do when you are recording. ( virus checkers, email lookers, indexing, any number of things that can be canceled)

    Finally, ideally, you should  be recording to a drive other than the one with your OS and software on it.

    (assuming you have or can get or afford such a drive )

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      Hmmm I hadn't even thought about the possibility of it being from other things going on with my computer. That's quite possible. Ok thanks for the advice, I'll try it out if I can.