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  • New to recording need some advice

    I have 4 Synthes: Yamaha Motif XS/Krome 88/Kurzweil PC3/Roland Integra7 which are all plugged into a Allen & heath Zed 60 14FX mixer but the mixer is 1.0 USB so I recently purchased a Focusrite Scarlett 2/2 hopefully for a better recording. Whats the best way to set up the mixer with the audio interface via the computer? main outs 1/4'' from the mixer to 1/4'' ins on the Focusrite then out to the computer? I have the mixer since I have more than one keyboard into a PA system live so I figured it works the same way with a computer.. thanks for any help

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    <<ter? main outs 1/4'' from the mixer to 1/4'' ins on the Focusrite then out to the computer?>>

    yes, that's a perfectly acceptable way of getting the synth audio outs into the computer.

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      Thanks Jon

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    Jons got your answer!! Have fun recording and post some songs on the forum so we can critique your music and help you grow and get better!


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      You can do that since you'll likely only be playing and recording one synth at a time. But if you have two people playing together with both running out of the mixer and into the same input on the interface, you won't be able to separate them on different tracks.

      What you could do is skip the mixer altogether and just plug in two synths on the interface at a time. If you want to change them then it's a matter of unplugging one and plugging another in. If it's a pain to get to the plugs on the interface you could hook all 4 up to a patchbay and run the patchbay to the interface. Then you could just hot swap them on the patch bay.


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