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Finding Legacy RTAS Plugins

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  • Finding Legacy RTAS Plugins

    Hi HC!
    I've got a quick question for the group. I built my ProTools rig about 11 years ago and it is still in a time warp from that era... I'm running PT 7.4 with Windows XP, and now that I've been able to upgrade my original MBox2 Pro interface to a Digi 002, I'd like to keep on keeping on with this thing for a little while. Long story short...I'm finally getting around to serious recording. All that being said, where can I find old school RTAS plugins that are compatible with XP? I don't necessarily want just free ones. Is there a repository for actual purchase/download of legacy plugins?

    Thanks for the help!

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    Some companies may still offer plugins that have RTAS compatibility. Outside of that, you can check on Reverb and EBay...

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