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Research On Subscription Model Efficiency

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  • Research On Subscription Model Efficiency

    Hello Friends,

    My name is Pooya and I am studying Master in Performing arts (Music).

    I am performing a research on the efficiency of the subscription business model for Plugin consumers.

    I highly appreciate your assistance if you help me with filling up the short survey by clicking on this link:

    I wish that with your help, I can contribute to our community of musician better than before.

    Thanks for your time,

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    Can you tell us a bit more about yourself? What instrument(s) do you play? What university are you studying at?

    Oh, and is your research, or this study, being sponsored by any music industry software company?

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      Wow, this section is a hotbed of activity!

      That guy did kvr and gearslutz too, and is of course, LONG GONE. But for anyone that actually cares, I look at it like this:

      I can pay thousands for perpetual licenses and be stuck with model "x" or I can go the sub route and get everything for a nominal yearly fee.

      Do the math: With Slate, I paid about 150 a year. New products come out, I get them for free. Multiply 150 times ten years, it's 1500 bucks. In ten years I'll have a new computer with even better products but I get to use all of that w/o issue.

      In fact, I'm likely doing it again with McDSP for 12.99 a month, I get everything and it's far cheaper than buying perpetual licenses.

      Something better comes along? Cool. I cancel the sub (which is suspendable with slate and is a year commitment with McDSP)

      I pay once, I don't worry about it for a year.

      Subs get PANNED on slutz and kvr, but I don't think people stop to realize there are real world benefits.

      (probably crack heads anyways)
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