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Dynamic EQ - Waves F6 vs TDR Nova

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  • Dynamic EQ - Waves F6 vs TDR Nova

    I became a fan of dynamic EQs after demoing the Waves F6 plugin. It was only $29 when the demo expired, but I ended up going with the Waves API 560 emulation instead (same $29 price tag). I still can't figure out what to think of the 560; it sounds a bit harsh to me.
    Coming back to the dynamic EQs, I just download the Free version of the TDR Nova. I've only had it for a night, so it's really too soon to make an honest comparison between it and the F6. If anyone's familiar with both the F6 and Nova, and wouldn't mind weighing in with their thoughts on both, that would rule. Once I get a grasp on the free version I plan on downloading NOVA GE; it has some added features that seem cool. Also, there are other dynamic EQ's that you guy prefer, and more importantly, won't break the bank, I'm all ears.


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    I have several similar plugins. One of the better ones comes with Sonar called VC-64 Vintage Channel which has switchable routing for series or parallel. I have another called Voxengo Voxformer which has parallel compression.

    I prefer to use Waves Multiband for any kind of parallel compression. It does it using 5 bands instead of two and it essentially EQ's the signal at the same time. What I like best about it over other multiband compressors is it has an auto detect mode which detects the peak level for each band when you play the music. You can then use the readings to set the ideal thresholds for each band before setting all your other parameters. This removes allot of guesswork and the results you get are phenonominal. Its used best as a mastering tool when taming a full frequency mix.

    I've used the vintage channel and it can do some things well but tweaking can be difficult as you stray too far away from the presets.
    I have tried some of the Tokyo Dawn plugins too. I wasn't very impressed with any of them. I found they're sound quality bland and rate them mediocre at best. I may give them a second evaluation at some point but considering how many great plugins available, they'll have to do better if they want to compete with many others.