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Announcing Diaus Di Adaptive Limiter II.

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  • Announcing Diaus Di Adaptive Limiter II.

    I am currently doing the last work on Diaus Di Adaptive Limiter II.

    The first version was in the local news as "Makes Worldclass Sound". The one-knob concept, after initial Querulus Paranoia on "QuR", so popular that Waves later made a whole series of one-knob plugins.

    And I am ready to make a new fuss:

    Features the loudest sound of todays high-end limiters, with a subtle flavour of unobtainium vintage analog. Fully psychoacoustically optimized, and just as easy to use as before, with the limiter making the right decisions, and you just turning the volume knob.

    It will be available in two flavours: Budget $49 (cpu optimized), and High-end $379 (with advanced filtering).

    ETA, approx 1 dec.

    Peace Be With You.
    Ove Karlsen
    artists, researcher, engineer
    Monoteo / Diaus Di Productions