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  • Post your best freebie discoveries

    Just as the title says, what have been your best finds when it comes to freebies. I'm talking any plug-in, vst, virtual instruments etc Basically anything that you have discovered that can aid the process of music production. There are a lot of freebies out there and I'm guessing not all are crap. What say you?

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    I recently discovered the Brittish Valve Custom guitar amp model from Studio Devil. It's a free download, so there aren't any effects like reverb or delay or whatever, but what you do get is a kickass cranked up Marshall type of tone. What blew me away with this amp model is that you don't need to put any sort of effect on it to try and make it sound more convincing (what I usually run into with amp models). It sounds like you're plugged directly into a real amp with no other effects on the track. I recently recorded a short song using the Brittish Valve Custom as the only effect on the guitar (didn't even EQ it) to demonstrate what it can do, here's the video where I play that song at the end (links to Studio Devil in comments of video):

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    Here is a really cool free analog tape emulation plug-in. FerricTDS

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      Anything by Voxengo
      Ample Guitar
      MD Drummer
      OB-XD synth (Oberheim synth)
      Jayqualizer (good parametric EQ)
      Abakos Pro synth
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        New one, DVS Sax. Not fancy but very good VSTi sax, IMO.


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          Over 1700 looks and just 7 replies (including this one, giving me nearly half)? Curious.


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            I found a great website builder to create my first website on posting compilations of reviews on music instruments and equipments. The website is called hPage - . Love all the features so far. Will post on this forum my website URL once I get the whole content and layout set up!
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