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Good Basic Low Cost Mastering Plugin Package

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  • Good Basic Low Cost Mastering Plugin Package

    I'm about to get started in home audio production, just as a fun hobby and my own enjoyment really.


    I have read up and studied some, and done a little playing around with some DAWs.


    I'm likely going to start out with Reaper and some additional basic mastering plugins.


    I'm looking for free and relatively low cost mastering plugins. I'm willing to spend "some" money on mastering plugins to get a better final product. A good basic but complete package of them for a total of aound $300.00 or less.


    Here are some paid options I've come across and am considering. Can you please tell me if you think any of these are good choices or not, and what else you would recommend?


    Here are the possible packages in no particular order:



    Voxengo CurveEQ

     Voxengo Elephant

    Voxengo Polysquasher

    Voxengo Soniformer

    Total = $281.05


    Sound Magic:

    Producer Bundle

    Total = 329.00



    Total = $125.00


    IK Multimedia:

    T-RackS Deluxe

    Total = $199.99



    Musicians 2

    Total = 160.00



    Ozone 5 Standard

    Total = 249.00


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    Take Ozone or Voxengo, both are great...



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      I'd go with Ozone as well. They also have some helpful resources to get you started.
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        pretty satisfied with Ozone