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Which NLE program do you enjoy?

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  • Which NLE program do you enjoy?

    I am putting together a very basic suite to make vids. Sound wise I have Cubase and also Audacity which find useful for non MIDI so the 'ears' part is sorted
    I was using MS movie maker which used to be simple but effective but every new incarnation seems to be worse. The new one even lacks a timeline !
    There are free ones like Videopad and VSDC. I have Premiere 5 but it is really picky about what it will import. (Installing the full K-lite didn't change that).
    In the interim I have ordered a copy of Sony Vegas+DvD .
    I just want an non linear editor that is easy interface and doesn't crash sporadically on importing.
    What have you guys had good results with?


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    OKAY Sony Vegas installed and running sweet. Only seems to take AVI and WMV so far ignoring my MPEG2 files but it doesn't crash and cuts and splices just fine.