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i need serious help plz any

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  • i need serious help plz any

    Hello all. im new to the Harmony Central french canadian sorry for my English and i live in china now so until i know the language i need you guys pls
    Here my Problem i have 1 Yamaha o2r ,1yamaha aw1600,1 amp CE 2000 crown,2peakers jbl,and 1 Motu traveler sound card,i want to conect everything so it all work
    i have tried before i came here i really need someone to help me please ,so i can record on my aw1600 if possible or my program sonar trhu my sound card .and my other stuff i can plug them no problem
    mics guitars and keyboards .Ty guys in advance im not good in English i know but i really need someone help me so i can compose music Peace and love all.
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    What kind of computer?
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      CPU is on Window 7 and it work well no bug and good memory ty for asking hope someone will be able too fix my problems
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        The gear you have is incomplete for connecting to a computer. you'll need specific expansion cards and interfaces and that will all need to be connected and installed properly. Its not something you can easily teach someone on a forum especially when there is a possible language comprehension issue.

        The aw1600 is a stand alone recorder. You can export files to a computer and import them into a DAW for mixing but the unit is not and interface so recording straight to the computer is not possible from what I see. read the manual.

        The Mixer has two or 3 channel digital out but can be expanded to 16 channels if you buy the expansion card. The manufacturer says:

        Four I/O Expansion Slot for Easy Expansion in a Variety of Formats

        Each of four Mini-YGDAI (Yamaha General Digital Audio Interface) expansion card slots support up to 16 additional channels of digital I/O in AES/EBU, ADAT or TASCAM format, as well as a range of other interface cards including double-speed 96 kHz (AES/EBU) digital I/O cards, 96-kHz compatible AD/DA cards, and a range of analog I/O cards. The 02R96 expansion slot also accepts various Mini-YGDAI compatible cards available from third parties.
        What that means is the expansion boards can convert the signals to digital, but you still need an additional interface in order to connect it to the computer. You can buy interfaces that accept ADAT and then you can record straight from the board to the computer.

        As is, you don't have all the gear you need to connect things. You can use the mixer like an analog unit and record to that AW1600 stand alone recorder. You could connect the power amp and speakers to the AW1600 or the mixer depending on how you want to mix.

        If you then move the files to a computer the computer to mix within a DAW program then you'd still need a professional interface card for the DAW program to work properly. A Windows sound card wont be recognized by most DAW programs so you'd need at least a decent 2 channel interface.

        I'm not a fan of stand alone recorders so that would be the first thing I'd get rid of. Sell it off and either buy the 02R expansion cards and computer interface, or sell it all off, including power amp and speakers which are not designed for studio work and then buy a decent interface and studio monitors.

        What you own now is a mix match of PA and stand alone gear. The mixer could be made to work as a studio mixer but because it does require additional gear to work and because it seems to be too technically advanced for you, you may be better off selling it all and buying gear that's more technically suitable to your needs. If you were running a full studio recording full bands, or maybe doing live band recordings that mixer and stand alone might be an option. For someone who doesn't even know how to connect it its obvious you have gear that's way over your head and beyond your needs.

        Another option would be to simply store it and buy what you need to build a DAW, then at some later date when you become more educated in digital recording gradually incorporate it into your setup. Problem is the gear is already dated and will likely be obsolete by then. That's the problem with extensive hardware setups. There are several different ways of connecting gear to a computer and many of them are quickly becoming obsolete.
        The 6 main interfaces used now are PCI, PCIe, USB2, USB3, Firewire and Thunderbolt.

        PCI is dead. Most Computer manufacturers aren't putting card slots in their computers for them any more and the few that do is for legacy purposes which will eventually end.

        Firewire interfaces were a studio standard for a long time but all but a few interface manufacturers have stopped making them in favor of faster and more convenient ports.

        USB2 is very common and can easily handle 16~24 channels of audio which is good for most purposes. Manufacturers are also including USB3 which is much faster and Thunderbolt which is the fastest of all.

        PCIe is also used by several audio interface manufacturers where special connectivity cards are used. Your 02R may do best using a PCIe card that accepts one of those formats the expansion cards produce.

        Beyond this I cant tell you which way would be best. Thunderbolt is be far the best choice but last year was the first year manufacturers started including it so you have to keep your eye on the latest trends when buying gear so what you buy doesn't become obsolete.

        Your power head and speakers are for live sound. Useless for mixing. You don't mix audio using 1500 watts. Most studio monitors are under 100 watts. You only need 83dB for mixing. Any louder or softer and you don't hear things in the proper perspective and make poor decisions.

        I suggest you go here and read every chapter. It's written in simple language for beginners and will help you get up to speed in recording digitally. Then you'll be able to make your own decisions on where you need to go. There are many paths depending on your needs so you have to educate yourself in order to make those decisions. All others can do is make you aware of how many different ways you can do things, even with the gear you have.
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        • richard China M studio
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          ty for what you have wrote

        • richard China M studio
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          1more thing i have to say.i still need help i have no money to change my gear i have a sound card that have 8inputs i paid over1000$ for it it is motu traveler mk1 when i use it with my sonar program or DAW it s working np.but i was wondering if i could connect the o2r with it using optical cable that i have or any other sugestion or i could use the yahama aw1600 if you can help me i appreciate ty again for your time and i may look stupid but its because my other job i did for 25years in paving business alomst 80hours a week i never had time for all my equipement i bought every year. now im retierd and time to compose i regret i have lose all those years instead composing music pls help me again or another person advice perhaps
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        • WRGKMC
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          The optical connection on that mixer is only good for 2 or 3 channels If the mixer is stock and doesn't have the expansion cards. That's likely the sum of all channels which does no good for mixing individual instruments.

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        ty for writing what you all typed .But thank you to me i have talk to other people and they said to try dont Listen too pepole i JUST make it worked everything working now i can record i can record on both machines on my AW 1600 and on my Motu trveler in sonar 8.5 its all working perfectly .
        now if i have listened too you you said all mu stuff is to old bla bla ,why you talk like this u said i have no experience read your message and shut up next time instead saying bad things too pepole end of discussion.


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          The response you got was based on the gear you posted at that time. You left out the most critical item, the interface. If I knew you had a Motu when I first read your post, connecting as an analog mixer would be simple.

          You removed two of the speakers you had listed in that original post and added the Motu. You should have left the post as it was. Now everyone will be confused as to why I didn't mention that right off.

          I did state having an audio interface is "one" way of connecting it to a computer too. Guess that's what made you realize you forgot to post that key item and added it in later.

          I didn't say your gear was old either, A interface like the Motu is only "one" method of connectivity however and not necessarily the best. There are several "other" ways of connecting the mixer and I attempted to make you aware of that seeing you needed that device to connect the gear. I also pointed out it would be wise to choose an interface that wouldn't become obsolete quickly.

          If you're running the mixer as intended instead of an analog board feeding the Motu the latency can be much lower. Using the mixers expansion cards and feeding a digital signal to something like a PCIe card "Should" produce much better results and have much lower latency then USB. May have saved allot of money too.

          Since you already had the Motu and simply forgot to post it, I wasted my time trying to make you aware of those other options. I should be thanked for the extra time I spent explaining things, instead I get insulted for it.
          Question is what would you have done if you "didn't" have the Motu?

          My advice is, next time you post things include all the facts instead of making people guess. I should also note what ever translator you're using to post in English is terrible. Its hard enough to understand peoples technical issues. Its even worse when its compounded by some Bot trying to convert things. I'm sure that works both ways too.

          That's still never a reason to insult people trying to help. I have no problem helping people even when they forget to post needed information. Just don't blame others for the advice you get when you do that. Correcting your post a week later is deceptive and misleading too. If you make a mistake leaving something out do another post to explain. Don't compound the issue by editing things in. All that does is confuse people.
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