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Integrating a Universal Audio DCS Preamp on to my 'DAW' - question

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  • Integrating a Universal Audio DCS Preamp on to my 'DAW' - question

    I'm doing a regular living room rehearsal/recording with 2 acoustic players and an electric - two vocals. My monitoring/recording system is pretty simple - an Allen and Heath Z10 - fx Mixer going into a an old iMac running Garageband or logic. For lead vocals I'm using a AKG 535 going into a Digitech vocal live unit for warmth compression and slap - I have turned off the reverb on this unit and use a Neunaber 'Stereo WET' in the aux send of the Mixer (oddly this guitar reverb pedal is one of the best I have ever heard). The acoustics go direct (with Aura pedals) and two knock off Neuman mics capture the room - the Electric guitar is going through a 5 watt Fender Champion mic'ed with a 57.

    A friend lent us a Universal Audio DCS Preamp ..... I'm not sure where to put this in the chain to benefit from it's advantages....?

    If I put the UA before the Digitech vocal unit - is that like having a great dinner and a bad desert? Should I avoid the Digitech Vocalist Live all together? Or should I devote the UA to the room mics?

    I'm using the usb interface the Z10 provides - not recording with separate tracks.