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Looking for a way to shut off backing tracks on the fly for live shows

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  • Looking for a way to shut off backing tracks on the fly for live shows

    I am a drummer running backing tracks and click tracks for my bands live shows. I run my click through a mini mixer and the backing track out through a Direct Box straight to the PA system. This allows me to have my clicks in both ears and really saves an earache. The set up works great and beats running both through the mixer where I would only have click in one ear.

    What I am in need of is a way to immediately turn off the backing tracks in case of a situation where I fall way off the click track live. Right now I would have to literally pull the cord out of my phone which the tracks run from or hit stop on my phone.

    Neither of those options are practical to do in the middle of a rock song with one hand while still playing.

    Is there some kind of an on/off switch I could use with this set up to shut off the clicks. Something that would kill the power in the line coming out of the smartphone. I can't think of anything off the top of my head. Maybe a special direct box would have this feature.

    Any help is very appreciated!

    Also, want to keep this cost efficient if possible. Thanks.

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    You could see if a Bluetooth footswitch could be made to work with your backing track player or click track generator. IK Multimedia makes one, and so does AirTurn.


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      You could also use a simple A/B box before the mixer to kill the input instead of pulling the cord out. You'd only be using half of the A/B box so when it toggles over to the other input there's nothing there.

      As an added note, if this created hiss then a dummy plug to short the terminal could be used.