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Beginner at recording. Help!!

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  • Beginner at recording. Help!!

    All I'm doing is trying to play around and record some easy stuff at home.

    I have a Behringer cheap DI400P box, an XLR to usb cable, and guitar rig 5. I can't get guitar rig 5 to record my guitar and playback the settings. Any help? I'm very new to this so simplicity helps

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    Hi. If you right click on the sound icon, and choose volum mixer while playing. Does it register input from your XLR to USB cable? If not, right click on the sound icon and choose recording devices. Add your XLR to USB as recording device, and click ok.
    Hope it helps.
    All the best.


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      You didn't mention anything about an interface. Sounds like you're trying to use a regular windows sound card with a DI box. You need to get an interface that runs high speed ASIO drivers. A DI box with a windows sound card isn't going to cut it, especially if you want to multitrack. Most interfaces have instrument level inputs so the Behringer isn't even needed. A Windows card has no latency compensation or zero latency monitoring. You need those when trying to run Guitar rig which is a huge CPU consumption plugin.