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Need help finding a specific moderator.

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  • Need help finding a specific moderator.

    Of this forum, or possibly who used to moderate this forum.

    I honestly wish I could remember his screen name but I can't. This was before this site changed over to the new format. He invited me to watch a session he was doing in Rochester and used to mod this forum (or maybe still does).

    It's not Phil.

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    TBH I might be trying to find a dude from a decade ago so he may have done what I did and left the boards.


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      could it be MarkGifford-1

      he joined in 2000, and was a recording forum mod
      last activity was Feb 2016
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        Mark was the longtime moderator of this forum, but he retired over a year ago. He's almost certainly who you were thinking of - he was moderating this forum when I got here, and that was back in 2005. He was definitely the mod here ten years ago.

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          Thanks guys, Mark is absolutely who I was thinking of.