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Boss BR 800 importing new patches

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  • Boss BR 800 importing new patches

    How would I go about recording or importing sitar, steel drum, moog patches into User Bank to play via my guitar and keyboard.

    can I Import a 2~3 second wav file of a single sitar note from laptop and save it in br800 user bank?

    Then play that file in user bank with keyboard or guitar changing the note/key of imported file as i hit my different guitar strings or keys on synth...

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    The short answer - No. I suggest you read the manual and also study up on the differences between midi and analog recording.

    The unit is not a computer, doesn't have a CPU nor does it run virtual instruments. Its midi function is limited to drums and acting as a controller through the USB port.

    A user bank is not a midi bank. A use bank stores on board effect parameter changes only and possibly modified drum beats built into the recorder. . You cant download any additional effects or do any of the things you suggest with midi.

    Analog guitars are not midi. They don't trigger midi or wave samples. You need a midi pickup system to do that well.

    The unit is essentially a recorder with built in effects and a drum machine. The only midi function it has is related to the drums and using the unit as a controller when the units connected to a computer.

    You can do some of that within a DAW program using the unit as an interface. Daw programs contain Virtual Instrument plugins. You'd need to connect your keyboard via midi and its used to send non musical data. The voices come from the software and the keyboard keys (buttons) produce the switching matrix data through a midi port to trigger the software to operate. There is no sound in midi. Midi is just a bunch of command pulses. you either need software or piece of hardware designed to connect with midi and produce voices.

    Your recorder doesn't have any of that. In fact it doesn't even have a midi port for connecting a keyboard or a midi guitar which will allow you to connect midi to a computer. Any midi devices would need to connect with the computer, not the BR and run within DAW software. Luckily the unit does act as an interface so you can record to a DAW program where you can run midi files and record midi tracks, but non of that has anything to do with the recorder besides acting as an interface and allowing you to hear the virtual instruments voices.