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Anyone have experienes with MOTU products (Good or bad? Specifically the 8A line of products?)

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  • Anyone have experienes with MOTU products (Good or bad? Specifically the 8A line of products?)

    Was thinking of buying a MOTU 8A.. guy is asking 475. I have a Liquid 56 and a Fostex VC8 and don't have money to buy pre-amps but thought about selling the liquid 56 for the 8A

    Is it worth it at this point? I've always heard MOTU sucks as far as customer service is concerned. I don't have USB3 or Thunderbolt but was thinking of upgrading my 2010 MBP (mac) that has a FireWire (the square kind) port.

    Just heard FireWire is dying out.. is it just better to save up for a RME? Would it "save" my 56 from becoming obsolete by bridging them together via optical and using the thunderbolt or USB 3.0 on my RME to connect to my computer?

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    Motu has always made top quality gear. I had planned on buying one of they're units awhile back but the cost was out of my budget range.

    You do realize that unit only has line level inputs. You'd probably be ok recording instruments direct but you'd need a separate 8 channel mic preamp to record mics.

    Your Safire is a good unit. I surely wouldn't worry about firewire becoming obsolete and unless you're thinking about upgrading your computer its a non issue. Firewire will still be around for a long time. Its simply being phased out on newer computers in place of thunderbolt and USB 3. You'll still be able to buy firewire cards for computers just like you can today.

    The Motu does have the advantage of having thunderbolt and USB 3, both of which are very fast. It would allow you to run very low latencies.
    Because it has no mic preamps its not a step forward at this point.

    If your computer is relatively new, My suggestion would be to hold off upgrading for awhile. This is the first year most of the major interface manufacturers have switched to selling thunderbolt. Right now it way over priced. Market competition will drive those prices down in the next year or two. Its the same thing that happened to PCI and USB interfaces. The prices were very high in the beginning because everyone wants the latest and greatest. Once the market becomes saturated you'll find great deals on them.


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      Thank you so much for your perspective, really appreciate the reassurance and the tip on being patient! I do have that feeling of excitement when I look at my Liquid 56 so I'm glad it's here to stay!

      Once again, thank you so much!


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        They even make PCIe firewire cards so even if you have to upgrade your computer to something that doesn't have an older PCI slot you'll still be able to run firewire. They even make firewire to thunderbolt adaptors. It wont give you any more speed but it will still work so you'll be good as long as you have current drivers which will allow the hardware to run.