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The Daily Adventures of Mixerman (the rebroadcast)

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  • The Daily Adventures of Mixerman (the rebroadcast)

    Hey Everyone,

    Mixerman here. In July of 2002, I began posting journal entries online, of a recording session with a bidding war band and an infamous producer. When I began posting it, I had 200 readers. By the time I finished, there were over 150,000. I called it The Daily Adventures of Mixerman

    In 2012, Aardvark and I made a fully produced audiobook of the story a la Firesign Theater, complete with music, leitmotifs, foley, sound FX, and performed by an ensemble cast of well known producers and engineers.

    In celebration of fifteen years since my first book, I'm reposting it, in it's entirely, on a similar schedule to the original. Only this time, you get to listen to it.

    If you've never read the story, or if you haven't read it in some time, this is your opportunity to experience the work as it was intended--as daily entries, starting with Day 1.

    Enjoy, #mixerman
    On Day 1 of his session Mixerman struggles to pull drum tones with an openly hostile assistant and a mentally challenged drummer.
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