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  • Microphone for youtube videos

    Hi! I have absolutely no knowledge when it comes to guitar gear, nevertheless, I would like to record me playing guitar and upload to youtube and the microphone integrated in my camera is not quite enough. I have a steelstringed guitar Yamaha f335, and it's preferable if the microphone isn't way too bulky or complex. My budget is between 20 and 70$, but I rather have it in the lower end. Some kind soul who has more knowledge than me might be interested in helping me. What should i buy? Note: these microphones you "click" on on your guitar seems convenient, I don't know though.

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    Video work is tough. Unless the camera is pro quality its not going to connect to a mixer that can get you quality sound. Most consumer cameras have built in mics with AGC compression running which makes for slow volume swells. Using a different mic may change the coloration and sensitivity but it doesn't fix the underlying root problem which is the crappy preamp and compression which cant take loud volume levels.

    What I do to work around this problem is record to the computer within a DAW program using Sonar Professional at the same time I'm using the camera. I then import the movie and use the DAW recording and replace the cameras audio. It takes a little editing skill to stretch and superimpose one audio track fo another so they align properly but the benefits are day and night. you can also mix the audio and multitrack the audio, add drums bass etc so your video has an unseen band in the background highlighting you as the only player.

    Getting a DAW setup isn't within your budget. You can get an interface for less then $50 and you could record direct without a mic and use amp plugins to make it sound good. Getting a DAW program that can also handle video is the kicker however. Not sure if Reaper can do it, but I'd check that one first. Otherwise you'd have to save up to buy something that did.

    As far as a better mic for the camera I'd need to know what model of camera it is. If it has an external mic input you may be able to get a pro quality mic used that wont distort as easily but its a chancy purchase, simply because you cant tweak the input levels. With my camcorder I use an attenuator which lets me plug in a mixer and multiple mics. Once I get the levels set it does a pretty good job recording. Its got a remote control too so I can turn it on and off as needed.


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