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midi soundcard issues

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  • midi soundcard issues

    Hello all, I hope you are having a great day and thank you for taking some time to read this.

    I am very new to midi and have a carbon midi controller and am using sonar platinum.

    Currently I have a lexicon external sound card which I use to record guitars through.

    The controller has a USB for midi which I have going to the desktop unit.

    However, I cannot get it to use the Lexicon sound card and the only way I get sound is the microsoft GS wavetable synth
    Now my lexicon does have a midi in and out but it is older and is 5 pin so I cannot run it directly to the it.

    I have the lexicon as my default sound card on the computer but cannot locate or turn off themicrosoft GS wavetable synth.

    Is there a way I can get my carbon to run through the lexicon directly or a work around?

    Thank you

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    It's not called a "sound card" if the unit is external to the computer, it is then called an "audio interface."

    I assume you have a Lexicon Omega, Alpha or Lambda audio interface. Sorry, but the MIDI function of these devices of these devices doesn't work properly with newer computer operating systems. These interfaces have been around for a long time, since Windows 95.

    My advice is to use a separate MIDI interface, a USB to MIDI adapter cable is about $40 U.S. You can disable the Lexicon's MIDI interface in Sonar's settings.
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      Thank you Mr. G. If I disable the lexicon in the concern is that I would not be able to record audio through it for the same song. I am new to this so thank you for the info and patience -would something like this work? my controller does have a midi out

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        You can still use the Lexicon to record audio even if you're not using the Lexicon's MIDI ports. It's been a long time since I've used Sonar, but the settings are in the "Options" settings.
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          yes - I have it set it set up lie that - I just wish I could run directly into the lexicon - thank you


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            Originally posted by groovy13 View Post
            Thank you Mr. G. If I disable the lexicon in the concern is that I would not be able to record audio through it for the same song. I am new to this so thank you for the info and patience -would something like this work? my controller does have a midi out

            I don't think the connections are right for this. That connector is for a single device. Its not a Y Jack. You have a send to the computer on the keyboard and a return module but no return.

            If you want to run two devices you either need two of those cables or a multi channel midi device so you can have separate channels running on each device.

            The ins and outs are uni directional. They aren't like internet connections that work bi directionally. One in out, one device. (unless you like nutty hap hazard results)

            Right now the keyboard will operate in the computer and the module can receive a signal from the computer.

            You cant send a mid signal from the keyboard to the module directly.

            You could send a signal from the keyboard to the computer then computer to the module but that's where it ends. The module has no return to the computer so why is it even connected? AND the channels have to be set up right for the two devices which is not possible using the same cable.

            If you run multiple devices you need multiple sends and returns so you need a Midi Hub device or multi channel midi interface.

            As far as the Lexicon working, so long as the audio works the midi should work too. Midi itself hasn't been upgraded in decades so theres no reason a DAW program wont recognize it. Sonar is very good at recognizing legacy devices.

            What it sucks at badly is working with Midi in Sonar (in my opinion) Cubase in comparison is plug and play and super easy to get your devices up and running.

            I jacked around using every version of sonar I've owned and got nothing but grunts and groans from midi keyboards. I realize this may simply be my inability to recognize how Sonars architecture is designed to run midi. (Its never been noted as a midi friendly program). I've followed tutorials and gotten midi sounds to work but gave up in frustration once the complexity of what I was being asked to do routing the signals no longer made sense. I even imported midi songs and attempted to change voicing with various midi plugins but never got predictable results.

            I concluded the program would likely work for someone who is highly competent at working with midi but unlike the audio portion of sonar which is one of the easiest programs to run the midi section is a total abortion when it comes to simplicity.

            You may want to try another DAW program and get midi working within it first. You can download Reaper for free and see if its easier to connect and get midi working before you tackle a more complex program like Sonar. Otherwise Google up some step by step tutorials. Get your keyboard to work 100% first before running the sound module. You will need a mid router to run it properly or a second USB cable. I'm not sure how fast those cheap cables are so running two of them may wind up having latency issues.