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Br-800 as control interface problem

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  • Br-800 as control interface problem

    I tried to use my boss br-800 8 track digital recorder as a control interface. my friend i'm working with sent me drum/bass/keyboard track for me to put my lead guitar over it. i imported the tracks into the SONAR LE DAW and i tried to add a track with my guitar on it. there was one problem, the track i recorded was out of sync with the other 3 tracks. but when i recorded the guitar track, it seems to be in sync with the other 3 tracks. but in playback, its out of sync (the guitar is late by 1 second or something like that). very bad syncing issue here. it sounds ok when i recorded it but when played back its bad. what seems to be the problem here?

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    Sounds to me like the recorder lacks zero latency monitoring when used as an interface. You're listening to the guitars processed sound instead of the analog sound going into the recorder so you're monitoring everything delayed.

    Real interfaces have a straight through mode so you hear the guitar in real time. its also splits the signal and records the signal in sync with the tracks playing back. Part of this is the drivers the interface uses. Most require ASIO drivers which are high speed and the latency is compensated for by the DAW program.

    Only suggestion I have is you should have your monitors connected to the recorder. I'd also try installing ASIO4ALL drivers and see if that helps. You should not be using a windows sound card because they aren't designed for professional recording nor do they allow multitracking because of the Windows drivers they use.