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  • Help Me Please Mixer Effects

    I have a Mackie 1642-VLZ3

    Sometime ago we had an older mackie 32 channel and the effects sends returns were quite intuitive

    trying to restart the musical part of life and I cannot figure out how to take, for instance, 4 channels of effects and have them feed live through the board.

    I know imma stupnut but please educate me- how can I have 4 1/4" TRS or Mono cables run through this board and have all outs able to choose which one of the four and ...... you know

    Thanks in advance for any assist
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    It depends on what type of effects you are going to use and what you want to do with them.

    Some effects such as compressors and EQ are normally used in series with the signal and other effects such as reverbs and delays are used in parallel with the signal.

    Your board has TRS inserts on the two main outputs (L and R) where you could put a series effect (such as a compressor) on your entire mix.

    If you want to use Reverb (for example) you could go from one of the Aux Sends to the Reverb unit and bring it back into your board on one of the Stereo Returns. By using the Aux send for the input channels, you could select which channels have Reverb and how much. You may decide to do this with all four of your effects.

    If you want to use compression (or other series effect) for more than one channel but not all channels you could assign those channels to a subgroup and run the Sub Out(s) through the effect and back into the mixer on a Stereo Return or an unused input channel.

    I hope this helps but if you need more information and can be more specific about your objective then we could give you a more detailed and specific answer.

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      You have 4 aux outs you can use to feed the effects and you have 4 sets of stereo returns to return them back to the board.

      You also have inserts for each channel so you can run effects in that insert using a TRS to Two Mono TS Jacks if you choose.

      That mixer also has sub group and direct outs so you aren't hurting for ways of running effects. The returns are all stereo however so any compression you'd run in those loops would need to be stereo. The question is are you using this for live audio or recording. If its live audio I usually run my compression after the board. If its being used for recording then I can see it being used in a loop to have some instruments compressed and others not. So much here has to do with your plans for the mixer. If for example you have a multi channel recorder, you can feed that recorder with Direct outs, aux sends or sub groups so every recording channel has its own mixer channel. Effects can still be used either in a loop or before the recorder.

      The manual has good pictorials on how all these devices can be connected. You should read it front to back like everyone else does so you know what your gear can and cant do. All your answers are contained within those paged.

      If you aren't able to gain enough knowledge from it to help you get things running I suggest you get help from a friend or start studying basic audio because what you need is beyond the scope of others helping you on a Forum. That mixer has some advanced features which need to be understood on a fundamental level in order to know how to use them creatively. Its not like there is only one way of using those ins and outs. You have to understand how they can be routed to get different results and since you didn't explain how it will be used we cant even give you the best suggestions.