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Are USB ports sync'd for multiple USB mic recording?

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  • Are USB ports sync'd for multiple USB mic recording?

    Hi folks, does anyone know if USB ports run off the same clock on computers, and specifically laptops? I was thinking of using two different USB mics into a DAW to simultaneously record on separate channels, but I'm not sure if they'll stay sync'd.

    Thanks for any info on this.

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    No you cant run two independent USB mics like that. The clock is inside the interface and with USB mics, that interface is built inside the mic.

    Its not an interface that's designed to have its clocks linked. There are interfaces which have SPIDF connections which allow one interface to be a master and the second to be a slave but you only find that with higher end pro audio stuff.

    Also, in order to get a DAW program to recognize both, the DAW manufacturer has to write drivers which allow multiple interfaces to be run. For example, my main daw runs three 8 channel cards and all three link to the first card as the master clock. You can also buy an external clock to run them. The software/drivers allow them to be seen by the DAW program as a single unit having 24 channels.

    DAW program can only link to device clock at a time. If you want to be able to record multiple mics those podcast mics were the wrong path for that. You need a multichannel interface with multiple mic inputs. If you want to be able to add channels then that interface has to be expandable.

    Given the fact you can buy a 16 channel interface like the Tascam US-1600 for $250, its unlikely you'd need more than that for recording a 4 piece band so that expandability really isn't needed. You would need the regular mics however.
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      Are you using a Mac or a PC?
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