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What's the best way to run a channel strip into a digital recorder?

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  • What's the best way to run a channel strip into a digital recorder?

    I just got a new channel strip (an ART Pro Channel II) to hook up to my sor-of-old digital recording/mixing deck (a Tascam 2488neo). I got the channel strip because the deck's onboard EQ and compressor don't do enough.

    The Tascam includes these jacks:
    - Effect send 1
    - Effect send 2
    - Mic/Line (four XLR jacks)
    - Mic/Line (four 1/4" jacks)

    The jacks on the channel strip include:
    - Loop insert 1/4" pair: Preamp out > Comp in
    - Loop insert 1/4" pair: Comp out > EQ in
    - 1/4" unbalanced output
    - Balanced XLR output
    - Balanced XLR input
    - Instrument input 1/4" (on the front)

    I know I start by putting the mic's XLR into the Balanced input XLR jack.

    Then what?
    - I've read that the strip should go to the recording deck a line input, not a mic input. Does that just mean to turn the Line-Mic knob all the way counterclockwise to Line?
    - How would you hook up the channel strip, and why?
    - Is there a way to hook it up so I can use it while mixing and editing, or can I only use it while actually recording?

    The manuals don't explain any of that very well.

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    Mic ---> XLR cable in to the mic balanced in of the ART pre---> Out with a second XLR Cable out of teh ART balanced output into your Tascam recorder.

    That will give you a single mic to use when recording and it should have plenty of gain and be nice and clean.

    If you get a chance the pre amp tube to a NOS tube, you'll like it even better.

    ART is a smaller company out of NY state and they are very helpful folks

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      Good to know - thanks!

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    Also, yes the "Mic-Line KNob" (AKA "trim") should be all the way to line.
    If you want to send a recorded track into the compressor of the ART, you would go from one of the effect sends out of the Tascam to the COMP IN jack and out the normal output jack. Likewise, the EQ IN if you want to use the EQ.
    If you want to send the Mic you are recording to a DIFFERENT compressor or EQ, you would use the PRE OUT or COMP OUT and then back in COMPIN or EQ IN. It is just additional inputs and outputs. Capiche?
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      I think so. I'll take a look-see. Thanks!