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  • Inline Mic Booster/Preamp

    I bought a Generic Cloud Lifter for my ribbon mics made by a company in Britain called Marti Audio. It was 1/3 the cost of a Cloud Lifter and half the cost of a FETHead.

    I gave it out a try this weekend and I'd have to say I was pretty disappointed. These inline preamps run on phantom power and use a FET to boost the signal up 10~20dB.
    The unit did that but it also added transistor hiss in the process. I did an A/B recording, one using it and one without. The one with the unit needed a fair amount of high frequency filtering to get rid of the hiss which left the vocals sounding crummy. The tracks without it had to have the preamp running higher but overall it was much cleaner sounding and the hiss levels practically non existent.

    The seller did mention it needed to run on a full 48V phantom to sound its best. My interface runs on an AC adaptor so it may not be a full 48V I'll need to try something else with a full 48V makes it amplify better or whether the his increases as the voltage increases.