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    Hi, i am located in germany. i recently produced a cd with my own artwork, which was certified by a notary.
    i am no gema member. when i asked cd manufacturing companies to print my cd's, they told me, i need
    permision of gema to do so. this is a real scandal for me and against my rights. i have send a protest to deutsches patentamt,
    as the control office over the respective laws and startet to make the cd's myselve. in the same position you should do the same.
    here a guide how to manufacture the cd's at low cost. and remember: every law can house the good and evil.

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    Germany apparently uses a protective artist organization to protect musicians to distribute royalties. Musicians have to join this organization and register they're music with this organization in order to have it legally protected. They also have to pass through a tiered membership status for a period of time before they are in fact full members and licensed to receive the full benefits and protection that organization offers.

    Here in the US we have the US copyright office which allows its citizens to register they're music. You pay a fee and the music is stored in the library of congress as a copyright. You get no actual legal support however. If someone pirates your music its up to the owner/author to take them to court. In the past, record companies had large legal departments and the company had the financial muscle to win such cases and receive settlements/damages for copyright infringements. Copyrights can be written and registered in many ways as well. You could copyright the music, the recording, the recording/CD artwork, and all the people involved separately and all can receive percentages of the royalties.

    Germany's protection covers the recording its distribution and the performing arts from what I read. You probably have to be a member to perform in they're best venues which only hire members. This is/was similar to the Musicians Unions here in the US. Being a union member required you to pay union dues and you received union pay scales as a musician when you worked.

    The unions are still fairly strong in a few major cities which have performing artists, especially New York, but they are irrelevant to the masses for the most part now. The unions have pretty much collapsed for lack of participation and therefore funds. You still have a good number of classical musicians and studio musicians who belong but the union can do nothing for a good 95% if the artists across the us who are self employed and run they're own businesses in bands.

    Anyone can burn CD's today. They can be copyrighted by the artists themselves. They can be sold by the artists for profit as well. If a music service wants to use the music for advertising or performed by another band they are supposed to pay royalties too but again, musicians play other artists music all the time in cover bands and neither seek permission or pay royalties for performing that music. Most don't have a large income either by playing other artists music either. Pro artists write and play they're own music and collect income from a number of sources including publishing rights.

    Creating Pirated CD's and selling them is breaking the law here. There are no laws stopping you from creating CD's of your own music and selling them so long as you claim and pay taxes on selling that product. I use Light Scribe disks to burn my own labels. They aren't fancy like a professional inked label, but it only cost me pennies and time to make them. You can pay a service to produce them for you and you can buy multiple CD burners that turn them out in high production. You still need to market them however which is a whole other topic.

    Brick and mortar studios/CD vendors of the past have mutated to becoming online vendors. Most people who still purchase music do so via online download services direct to they're computers and phones. CD's are pretty much a thing of the past because once someone purchases it and uploads it to the net, its pirated around the world as flak files. There's so much of it the combined legal systems or the world are unable to stop its proliferation. In the end the artists has no protection against pirating and whole societies of people involved in those crimes believe musicians have no rights to earning a profit from they're own recorded music. The Recording industry is dead as a profitable enterprise and only a few professionals are capable of turning a profit.

    Your German Gema is fighting a lost battle in attempts to change what's already happened. It may protect some performers within its inner circles, but the rest of the music has returned to the dark ages when artists have to find rich sponsors willing to pay for they're art so they could afford to live a life creating it.
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      If you want to talk about self-replication of CDs, this is a fine place to do it.

      If you're selling CD burners, the classifieds section would be the correct place for this post.

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        German laws and regulations are very different than our US laws. Here you can replicate your own CDs at will, but if you want distribution through retail outlets you need at least a barcode, which many retailers will furnish, for a fee, or you can get your own. There is a thread IIRC at our Music Business forum covering this.
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