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What is this Sade/Debbie Gibson sample?

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  • What is this Sade/Debbie Gibson sample?

    Hey everybody,

    Does anyone have any idea what this "conga"/percussion sample is or what drum machine might've been used for these 80's tracks? I've heard it in a lot of old tracks, it's kinda tropical or something....

    You'll hear it in this Sade song at 0:22-0:23

    Also, during the intro and all throughout this Debbie Gibson song (04)

    Any help is greatly appreciated!
    Thank you.

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    For the Sade track, do you mean starting around 0:53? All I hear is hi-hat at the time you indicated.

    On the Debbie Gibson track, I couldn't suffer through it long enough for whatever it is you are talking about to start. Again, during the time you indicate, all I hear is hi-hat.

    Maybe you are asking about hi-hat?

    The cheesy conga or clave patterns you hear on many classic 80s tunes is often a Roland CR-78. But other drum machines from Roland and Linn were in common use at the time.
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      The rising pitch sound (the "owOOOoooo" sound) is called a "gliss." It's made by the conga player sliding their hand (usually slightly moistened with saliva) across the head of the drum as it's hit softly with the other hand. It's not a sample, although it can be sampled, those songs feature a live conga player playing the gliss.
      I'm sure you can find conga gliss samples in libraries, or ask a percussionist you know to play you a gliss on a conga so you can sample it live.
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