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Condensor and dynamic mics going into the Tascam US 1200 - at the same time

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  • Condensor and dynamic mics going into the Tascam US 1200 - at the same time

    I'm currently micing drums with an MXL 990 and an MXL 991, going into a Scarlett 2i2. I want to add an inexpensive kick drum mic to the setup, but that means upgrading to an interface with more inputs. So I'm considering getting a Tascam US 1200, and a CAD KBM412 kick drum mic. The only thing is, the MXL's are condensor mics and I'd have to turn on the Tascam's Phantom power for them. But that CAD mic is dynamic - so I'd have phantom power turned on for all 3 mics at once (no way to turn it on for selected inputs only - with the 1200 it's all or nothing). Does this sound like it will work, or will I mess up the CAD mic (or something else)?

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    The transformer inside a dynamic mic is not connected across the phantom power. No damage can be done with phantom power on. You would have to swap the wires around on the cable for it to be an issue.

    The only mics you have to watch out for are Ribbon Mics. The phantom doesn't actually hurt them but its the hot connect, plugging or unplugging then that can cause a voltage spike and pop the thin ribbon like a fuse. Ribbons are replaceable however, it just isn't an easy task.

    I have Two of those Tascam US 1200's I have one in the studio for solo recording and one for my laptop for a portable setup.
    You cant touch the price for a 6 channel interface. I bought one new for $89 and one used like new for $79.

    I eventually want to upgrade to the US 1600 which is a 16 channel version. Those too are a killer buy for $250. They have decent low noise preamps with enough preamp gain to run a ribbon mic. You may want to get yourself a pair of overhead mics eventually. The Behringer C4's are fairly decent for someone on a budget.

    I found a pair of CAD's from a drum mic kit and a pair of Audio Technica tom/snare mics that work very well. I have a couple of SM57's and others for the rest of the drums, 8 in all.

    I made myself a secondary sub kick mic from a speaker too. Its pretty simply actually. Any speaker will act like a microphone, you simply need to wire a cable connector and potentiometer to an XLR connector. The Pot lets you attenuate the signal down because the speaker movement creates a strong signal. I guess you could try using a DI box too and attenuate it down 10~20dB. It picks up mostly low frequencies below 500hz. I use a regular mic on the kick too and I blend the two tracks to get a big thump out of the kick. I use an vintage 8" altec speaker so I get a little more midrange, but any speaker will work.


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      No problem - you should be fine.

      Condensers NEED phantom power (at least the majority of them) while dynamics don't - but dynamics won't be hurt by it either. The only mikes you need to worry about in the slightest are ribbon microphones. Phantom power won't be an issue for many of them, but some can be damaged by it, so it's generally a good practice to avoid using it at all with ribbon mikes. With moving coil dynamic microphones like the CAD, it's a non-issue.

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        Good info...thanks, guys. Yeah, I've tried a lot of different placements using the MXL 990 & 991 mics. Put them up high on either side of the kit and the toms turn to cardboard. But if I put the 991 up close between my two rack toms, and the 990 by the two floor toms, the toms sound awesome. Cymbals and snare are also picked up. But you barely hear the bass drum - that's why I want to do the upgrade.