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iPad sound - out to interface/DAW

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  • iPad sound - out to interface/DAW

    After years of lollygagging, I sorted my home PC studio situation and am VERY pleased with it.

    However ... one thing remains. I cannot get the outbound stereo audio signal from my iPad to go in as stereo to my DAW (Reaper; interface is a Focusrite Scarlett 6i6). I was able to do this easily with an analog board -- I used a TRS/balanced out that split the signal and used two inputs as a stereo pair.

    For some reason I can't get this going with the Scarlett/Reaper. I tried the split cable and using both inputs, but could not find an appropriate way to route this in Reaper. I also tried plain old balanced/balanced, but apparently the Neutrik connectors don't feature a TRS on the 1/4" input? Or am I just missing something here?

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    Are you using the headphone output from your iPad?

    Are you selecting the appropriate 6i6 input channel in Reaper?
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      1. Yes.
      2. Only tried the Neutriks.

      Later, when I was less tired, I thought about trying the rear ports on the 6i6 and wondered why I hadn't thought of that.

      Re: the headphone out, I realize that's dicey, but have a couple of concerns:
      1. As always, efficiency rears its head: it worked brilliantly in an analog setting. Why not this one?
      2. If I use the lightning connector, I'll need to do another round of conversion, and I'm getting tired of boxes and cables. Wrong thinking!


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        A headphone output is only going to output an analog signal.

        The Lighting to USB will let you connect to the computer like you would a thumb drive. You may be able to simply copy the audio files over. If you're DAW is a Mac you can probably just play them. If your computer is a PC then you'll probably have to convert the file format to wave or MP3's

        There is an easier way to do it. If your IPad has Wi Fi and Internet, just go to the Drop Box site and set up a free account. You can then simply upload your files to the on line account from the IPad, then download it to your computer. I do this all the time and it works like a champ.


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          You literally have no idea what I am talking about. And the info in your posts is like, circa 2002.

          I want to use a soft synth app named Animoog with a Midi controller, and preserve the luscious stereo sounds it produces as I multitrack overdubs onto a DAW on a laptop.

          i would think that before you boldly suggest someone listen to you, you,listen to them.

          Hoping onelife or another user can respond.


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            ^^^ People cant read your mind. How would anyone know you're trying to use the iPad as it as a synth device in real time unless you tell them first?

            The only thing you posted was you're trying to get analog sound from one device to another and a vague reference to connecting them directly. The most logical reason for that is to transfer music or files.

            I apologize for making the wrong suggestion but I do suggest you be clear on what you're wanting to do if you want clear and precise answers.

            If your intention was to connect the IPad as a midi device read page 12 in the Animoog manual says you have to use an IPad appropriate Midi Connection Device. I have no idea if your current interface qualifies.
            You also have to pay extra for an upgrade for a midi upgrade to that program from what the site says.

            I have no idea is this helps or not, If it doesn't you can simply ignore it.
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              I use software synths with an iPad and record them in Reaper. I use a couple of different approaches including a separate audio interface for the iPad.

              One method I use is to take the headphone out from the iPad and run it through a mixer and into the audio interface for my computer. I could also do it without the mixer and go directly into the interface.

              If you think of your setup in terms of a hardware mixer, your 6i6 functions as the input and output jacks and the software acts as the controls (knobs, faders, switches etc).

              Does the 6i6 come with its own mixer software? If so, try plugging your iPad into any of the ports on your interface and bring up the Focusrite mixer software on your computer. Approach it like you would a hardware mixer to adjust the routing and monitoring settings.

              If you do not have Focusrite software you can do the same thing with Reaper. If you need help with Reaper I can walk you through it.

              btw, how are you getting MIDI from the external controller into Animoog? (I really like that synth and use it allot).
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              for the ecological wellbeing of the planet.

              Only we humans, who claim to be the most intelligent
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                If it weren't after midnight on a long tracking session I'd post the pic: apparently, the patch cord had been severed in the middle, but because a) I'm getting old and my vision is rapidly deteriorating, and b) the cable housing is molded rubber, thus keeping the severed strand together with the non-severed one, -- I didn't realize I was playing with a cut cord.

                I do appreciate the thoughts.

                I use the camera adapter for the USB>lightning to get the Korg Taktile into the Animoog. Although TBH, tonight I just played on the iPad screen itself - when I first got Animoog I was always on planes, and got better-than-awful at using the on-screen keyboard.

                To make an irritatingly lengthy story shorter, I still haven't mastered routing MIDI through the Scarlet, but who cares since I can MIDI in to the iPad, and get stereo audio out? I'll save that for another day.

                Yes, the 6i6 came with the routing software ... probably one of the worst, least-intuitive interfaces I've seen. Way too much "simply graphics," but they're arranged in weird ways.

                Anyhow, yes, Animoog is flat out sick. Hearing that amplified through decent monitors (or hell, a JC-120) gets me tingling.


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                  Well, the good news is I lied - I posted that, then decided to try once more (paying closer attention to driver settings in Reaper) and now, yes, the MIDI controller is going through the Scarlett and I'm playing Kontakt.

                  I'm really sad that Animoog isn't available for desktop - though I can't complain, given how awesome it is ...


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                    I use an iPad compatable USB audio/MIDI interface with the camera adaptor so I can plug a MIDI controller into the iPad and run the output through studio monitors.

                    And yes, I agree with your assesment of Animoog - I found there are some instances when it is advantages to use the on-sceen keyboard. The on-screen keyboard can also be used to trigger other synths both interal and external to the iPad.
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                    Every worm, every insect, every animal is working
                    for the ecological wellbeing of the planet.

                    Only we humans, who claim to be the most intelligent
                    species here, are not doing that. ~Sadhguru


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                      I'm not smart enough to use triggering of other synths -- at heart, I'm a floor-pedal, guitar-noise-terror guy. I just love the sounds Animoog provides -- so Hawkwind, so bioluminscent, so rich with evocative sound.

                      It's really interesting to me to come at PC based recording as back asswards as I have. I'm probably more comfortable with a visually observable rat's nest of wires than digital depictions, but that's mostly because of idiosyncracies in GUI choices. The more a GUI is labeled, or visually resembles it's "real world" (lulz) counterpart, the more intuitive I find it.

                      Which, really, is a huge advantage. I find that it's actually been very easy to digitally recreate past experiences -- the challenge is in doing stuff I've never done before (like triggering multiple synths).

                      Fairly soon, I'm thinking of having a long, leisurely day of checking out plugins vs. ambient miking situations. Just because.


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                        I just take the stereo out from the iPad and route it to either my interface or to my mixer.

                        I couldn't figure out why you were having issues with the interface, but not the mixer. In terms of what you want to do, both should work equally well. Then I saw the comment about the cut cable...

                        On a side note, I recently wrote an article about how to use iPad apps with external, bus-powered hardware controllers that may be of interest to some of you... you can check it out right here.

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                        Thank you, Phil! I will indeed check that out. The cut cable ... man, when the vision goes, it just goes. It was one of those molded-rubber deals, so that the severed bit had to be 'found.' Wasn't going to happen at 2am, but that's no biggie.

                        I'm actually surprised at the quality of the 'normal' stereo signal out of the iPad. Not bad at all.

                        I'll look forward to reading the article. At the moment, I'm in "casting around" phase, and hoping to pare that down to a virtual studio set up of known/preferred hardware and software. So far, I'm fairly impressed with Reaper (vs. ProTools and Ableton and Cubase) in terms of value, ease of use, and overall quality. And the Scarlett is nice, if a bit on the bare-bones side. If I abandon analog, I'd probably go to something nicer. Funny how this all started as a sketchpad idea with that ProDuo2. Amen.


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                          OK, so that article is nice, if a bit basic. As time marches forward, I'm hopeful to see more and better 'shell' type programs for DAW plugins.

                          The Animoog is a great example. There's certainly been a fair bit of coding done there - why can't that be ported to PC? I know that there is a fair bit of marketing to be considered, but at the moment I'd gladly pony up $149 for that, and at the moment that money's left on the table. I guess something that would port any platform-specific signal processor to VST3.

                          I'll hold my breath.