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RME Fireface 800 inputs + DAW inputs?

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  • RME Fireface 800 inputs + DAW inputs?

    For Windows 10 & FL Studio 12, which apparently has all stereo inputs & no mono inputs. I was looking at the RME Fireface 800 for a new upgrade interface at a later date, but it has no dedicated stereo inputs. It has 10 analog single inputs. So, say I wanted a stereo hardware synth, I would go synth left output feeding RME input 1...and then... synth right output feeding RME input 2. Normally we would pan the inputs hard left & hard right accordingly.

    But how in the world would mixing / phasing / input/output work in FL Studio 12... where each FL Studio mixer channel is designed as stereo?

    If I wanted to add software insert FX for the stereo synth, would I have to add 2 instances of the plugin? One for the left (channel 1 in FL Studio) & another for the right (channel 2 in FL Studio)?

    Does FL Studio 12 have a way of "linking" hardware inputs into a single FL Studio mixer channel?

    My intended setup would be:

    1x RME Fireface 800 (10x analog inputs)
    1x JP-8080 stereo synth (fireface inputs 1 & 2)
    1x MS2000 stereo synth (fireface inputs 3 & 4)
    1x AN1X stereo synth (fireface inputs 5 & 6)
    1x Nova stereo synth (fireface inputs 7 & 8)
    2x Bass Station II (fireface input 9 & 10)

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    Your interface doesn't have to have stereo inputs/outputs to work with a daw program.
    The definition of stereo is simply two mono channels.

    The only thing the daw program does is combine the two mono channels to give you stereo. Those should all be assignable when you're setting up tracks. Most daws can also combine mono tracks into a stereo track or split a stereo track into two mono tracks

    I cant believe any DAW program makes you use stereo channels however. The defaults may be set that way but it would be stupid as hell for that to be your only option. Are you sure you've read the manual?

    Even in they're ad's they said channel options have been moved from the Toolbar Menus to the Channel rack. I don't have that program so I have no plans on reading the manual for you but I'd bet you dollars for donuts its got the same options all other DAW's have. You simply haven't dug deep enough into the manual to learn all the tricks.