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Behringer 1C and Polk PSW10 sub: Compatible?

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  • Behringer 1C and Polk PSW10 sub: Compatible?

    I've got a PSW10 subwoofer, and I'm considering getting a pair of Behringer 1C mains. Someone on a forum says you have to be careful that the 1C's will work with your system because they're 4 ohms. Not sure what that's all about...will they work okay with my PSW10 sub?

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    The Behringer C1's are passive speakers. They aren't like your sub which has a built in power amp. What amplifier do you have to run them?

    I have a pair I used as cross reference monitors for awhile. I always use several sets of speakers when checking my mixes. I used an Alesis studio reference power head to drive them. They're response isn't very flat and they lacked bottom end. I eventually used them in my living room as surround speakers and they've been there ever since.

    They aren't very good as studio monitors and the 4 ohm load is a problem if you want to run them with other speakers. You have to run them in series in most cases if you have another set of speakers.

    If you're looking for studio monitors there just aren't many budget options worth trying. The M-Audio BX5's are fantastic monitors for they're price range. You can snag a pair for about $200 if you really dig hard. Maybe cheaper if you buy used. There just aren't any viable short cuts to good sound. $200 is the bare minimum threshold when it comes to recording and mixing. 20 years ago that threshold was in the $2000 range so stuff is getting better.


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      Originally posted by WRGKMC View Post
      The Behringer C1's are passive speakers. They aren't like your sub which has a built in power amp. What amplifier do you have to run them?
      They would be powered by the sub. The idea is to go from my Scarlett 2i2 to the sub, then from there out to the Behringers.


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        I just took a look at the BX-5. I don't think that would work. I need to go from the PSW10 sub to the mains...the sub only has speaker level, bare wire outputs...I don't see any way of going from there to the BX5s - they only have TRS and XLR inputs.


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          The Polk doesn't have a built in amp for your other speakers. it only has a preamp for the sub.

          The way it works is you run a Hi Fi or surround amplifier into the bottom set of speaker terminals. Then you hook your left and right speakers to the top set.

          Then you connect your amp line level outputs to the RCA jacks. The RCA jacks feed the sub woofer amp.
          The amp head speaker wires feed the left and right speakers through a crossover which allow you to use the knob on the back of the sub to balance between the sub and two satellite speakers.

          This is all Surround system stuff used for TV.

          You can get it to work, you'll need a stereo amplifier to drive the Behringer speakers however.,


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            Yowzers...they don't make this stuff easy, do they?


            • WRGKMC
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              Its fairly easy if you do your research. This site is part of that research. reading the manuals to any gear you plan on buying is another. The op manuals on this gear tell you how it's supposed to be connected.

              A good place for people getting into recording begins here. You should book mark it and read at least a chapter a day. It covers all aspects of a home studio in easy to understand laymen's terms. It will give you enough info to make you productive, and from there first had experience can do the rest. It wont make you a seasoned engineer but it will give you the right questions to ask which you can of course google up and go into more depth as needed.

              Don't feel like you have to memorize everything. Many things you may not have a need to know right away. I can say the site touches on the basics of everything you may need without allot of higher tech stuff that simply isn't needed for a home studio (unless of course you run into issues and need to dig deeper for answers)

              It really is good stuff. I knew this stuff before I found this site, mainly because I have a degree in electronics and because I been in the music and audio business so long. I also taught electronics for about 7 years and its laid out in a student/mentor method suitable to on line learning. You can jump from chapter to chapter without having to follow any fixed order which is nice too.