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i5 vs i7 - 2017 laptop thoughts?

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  • i5 vs i7 - 2017 laptop thoughts?

    Will be purchasing a laptop soon, and it seems that I can get all the 'nice' features (SSD, 8-16GB DDR3/4 RAM, etc.) in a cajillion models. The one huge difference is i5 or i7 processor?

    Unlike most who use laptops to record, this is not going to be my highest-fidelity home-recording option. (At least for some time). So, I am not anticipating needing to 'keep up with technology.'

    Likely recording scenario:
    - Scarlett 6i6
    - almost never more than 3 simultaneous inputs
    - yes, a LOT of plug ins
    - most songs 10-24 tracks (variance depends on ability to single-track electronic drum sounds)


    Or this: ‚Äč

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    - yes, a LOT of plug ins

    Based on that alone, I'd definitely recommend an i7 over an i5. You'd want a lot of RAM if possible too. The Dell has a quad core i7, and that will make a big difference if you want to run a ton of plugins. Of those two, that would be the one I'd recommend.

    I'm not sure if the onboard HDD can be easily updated on that computer but if it can, that's something you might want to do at some point, although the 1TB HDD should be fine initially. Once you do go to a SSD you'll be amazed by how much faster the computer "feels" in some respects. Things load and open much, much faster...

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      This might be more pertinent to video but audio files can get pretty large too. SSDs have file handling issues that can drag down transfers to spinner territory - in the case of entry level TLC drives, under 100 MBs writes. This is because the advertised speeds of the drives are actually caching speeds. That is, the quick writes are to the primary cache. Once that fills up the drive has to write to the main memory cells which interestingly enough are very slow. I'd read up on that and make sure you are clear on the differences and benchmarks of both TLC and MLC drives. (MLC is quicker because there are less operations per byte. They are also by and large more durable and much quicker on long writes with a full cache. It's too much writing for me to explain but easy to understand once you get your hands on an accurate article.
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        I got an ACER v17 with most-recent i7, 16GB of RAM.

        I'm terribly sad I didn't drop the money on this years ago -- it's incredibly liberating, in an odd way. So, yes - I use "the VSTs." Damn, there's some tremendous stuff out there.