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Is my Boss br-800 too old already to use?

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  • Is my Boss br-800 too old already to use?

    should i stop using it now? It's been in production since 2010, maybe i should buy a new recorder already.

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    It records at a high sample rate so there's nothing wrong with it from a tracking aspect, its just like all stand alones, its limited tracks buried menus, limited effects make it suck for getting a good mix.

    You've hade advice on this before. That unit can be used as an Interface I believe. You need to set up a DAW so you can pull those files off that unit and mix within a DAW.

    I have no idea why you haven't done this already, it wont cost you a dime to download a DAW program. There are several out there. If course you have to use some of that gray matter between the ears to get it set up and working and learn how to use it well. Once you do you'll be kicking yourself in the backside for not taking this advice years ago.

    If you want to upgrade the interface at some point its not a big deal - learning how to use a DAW well is where you should focus your efforts. I'm sure you have recordings on that unit you can upload into a DAW program and start getting some better mixes then you have been. Its not that hard either. If you can run one of those stand alones to any degree of competency running a DAW should simply be a matter of reapplying what you've been doing already.