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    Scored one of these Tascam US-1200 interfaces on EBay for $30. The seller could only verify it powered up.
    I plugged it in and it works flawlessly so now I have two. I'm going to use the second one for a mobile laptop setup.

    These are selling for around $130 new. I first one I got was on sale a year ago for $89 from MF. These units are cheaper then the 2 and 4 channel
    Tascam's. I eventually want to get one of the 16 channel units so I can dump using my M-Audio 1010LT PCI cards. They still work fine but they only have two mic preamps. The rest are line level.
    The Tascam have some decent preamps for 8 of the channels. I can use the other 8 channel preamp I have for the other 8.

    These 6 channel interfaces are excellent for solo work. I use 4 of the channels using a drum machine and guitar at the same time. I had to get a stereo DI box to convert two of the mic channels to line level inputs. Worked out well. I hear no difference between the mic and line level inputs. I keep the one channel wired to a ribbon mic and the other I use a SM57 to mic a guitar cab. I don't have to keep swapping connectors when switching instruments this way.

    I could probably mic a 4 piece band with one of these using two drum mics into two channels. 2 Guitars, Bass and a PA tap for vocals off the monitor send.
    I could use a separate mixer to use more drum mics too.

    Unit is dead simple to run. The preamps are good enough to run a ribbon mic. Preamps are quiet up to about 90% and then you get a little background hiss, not bad though.
    Headphone amp could be a little stronger, but its better then most. I use AKG headphones which are a bit low on volume but I don't have any issues tracking vocals.

    The Drivers come with a typical mixer panel. Its also got some DSP Effects, Compressor, EQ, Noise gate and Reverb that can be used tracking without noticeable latency.
    It only allows you to run one of four when tracking but its still a handy tool when you have a mic that needs some extra tweaking. I used it for a few recordings and seemed to work fine.
    I rarely track with effects otherwise.

    Overall these are an excellent buy for the money. you can easily spend allot more for a 2 channel interface which makes no sense to me. Why be limited to recording only 2 channels when you can spend less money and record 6 at the same time.