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Old focusrite pre/comp worth it with new interface?

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  • Old focusrite pre/comp worth it with new interface?

    hey guys, please forgive my ignorance on this one...

    I have just purchased an apogee one (mac/ios). I've also got the opportunity to buy a Focusrite Platinum Penta pre/comp for $150AUD (about $110-120 USD) which seems to be quite a bargain. i dont have the ability to test it before buying unfortunately as it is in another state.

    will i notice a big enough difference in its preamp over the new (but obviously basic) pre-amp in the apogee one? my guess is yes, but i dont want to assume given how far recording devices have come in the past 3-4 years. i would use the comp as well, but i'll buy something else if the pre wont be much of an upgrade.

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    Having a separate preamp/compressor is always a handy tool. Looks like that one has voicings for many uses besides vocals.

    I wouldn't say its going to be an ultra magic tool that's instantly going to give you everything you need. Many of those things can be done in the box using plugins but it is something you'll likely get allot of use out of.

    The cool part about shaping your tones with hardware prior to tracking is you don't have the losses and artifacts associated with using plugins. If you can get a sound closer to what you want before its recorded, there's less mixing needed after its recorded.

    I have one of those Behringer MIC800 Modeling preamps I use every so often. Its got presets for different instruments and voice plus some tube emulation. Its actually pretty good for a budget preamp. I've been using ribbon mics lately for vocals and since I've modded them with upgraded transformers and thin ribbons I get my best sound through the interfaces built in preamp. I use amp modeling preamp/effects units for guitar and bass recording direct.

    My advice is go ahead and grab the unit. Use it and find out how well it works. If you find it collecting more dust then its being used then you should easily be able to get your money back and then some.

    Watch out however. If you're buying it from over seas, make sure the voltage for your country is correct. US products run on 120 Vac 60hz. Many European versions run on 220 Vac. You can buy adaptors of course.