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Difference between amps and studio monitors ?

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  • Difference between amps and studio monitors ?

    I am just beginning this recording stuff. I wanted to learn about the difference between a guitar amp and a studio monitor. Is there a chance to connect my acoustic guitar directly to a studio monitor? And do I have to have an acoustic amp to record my guitar?

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    If your acoustic guitar has a battery in it then you can plug it directly into your recording interface or into your studio monitor.

    I generally find that I get better results recording acoustic guitar using both the pickup and a microphone.

    Electric guitar amps do not amplify the full range of the guitar - this is actually a good thing especially when using overdrive. Acoustic guitars are full range instruments and will sound dull when plugged into an electric guitar amplifier.

    Acoustic guitar amplifiers are more like studio monitors in that they amplify the high frequencies that contain the brightness of the sound.
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