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  • Which 8 track?

    Been out of the music loop somewhat for a while. I used a Tascam 4 track cassette recorder for years. As time went on, the Tascam eventually failed, loved that thing.

    Anyways- I'm looking for an 8 track digital recorder. Which do you guys recommend? I looked at a few and thought the Zoom R8 looked pretty good.

    Im looking for the most user friendly unit out there. I've read that some can be somewhat difficult to use.

    I don't need any digital effects really, I'm in a punk rock band and we do the "less is more" approach. Not looking to record albums or anything. Just for fun- sometimes just recording our practices live, or actually recording original songs one or two tracks at a time.

    Whatcha think? Zoom? Tascam? Boss?
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    I don't have direct experience with the Zoom R8 but I did research it for a friend who is a non-technical musician and songwriter.

    I like the R8 for a number of reasons and recommended it to my friend. If you start with the R8 it will still be very easy to move on to computer based recording using the R8 as an interface and a tactile controller for the computer based recording software.
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      I suggest you just use your computer and get an inexpensive usb interface. Im sure you probably have a laptop and what those do is superior to the old 4\8 track cassette days.
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        The R8 is a USB interface as well as a tactile controller for DAWs in aaddition to being a stand alone recorder with built-in stereo mic for quick and hastle free capture of musical ideas