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Any rumours regarding a Cubase 8.5 release? --- Cubase 8.5 is out now!

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  • Any rumours regarding a Cubase 8.5 release? --- Cubase 8.5 is out now!

    There's been a new Cubase installment in December for the last 3 years. Has anyone heard anything regarding a release before this Christmas?

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    I just got an email notifying that Cubase 8.5 is now available! I haven't yet checked out what's new, but I ran the maintenance on my elicenser and my C8 license was updated to C8.5 for free, because I bought the license within the last 1.5 months.

    Cubase 8.5 video features:

    Grace period info:
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      Cubase is a good DAW program to use. I have a really old version of it and found it to be one of the best for doing midi. I thought about buying their newer program but the whole license key thing was a turn off to me. I do mostly analog recording and found Cakewalk to be simpler to use and an easier program to manage, especially when it comes to modifying the GUI and file management. The results you get recording are virtually the same between all DAW programs it mainly comes down to the Plugin packages they include. X1 Producer was the last version I updated to and its got a very good plugin package for the cost of the program. The program is backward compatible too so I'm able to use all the older plugins I had too.

      Let us know how you make out and what kinds of improvements were included. Its worthwhile noting whether its improvements are worth the additional cost. many times they just change things for no real good reason and just sucker people into buying the updates, bet when you really do a close evaluation nothing of value was improved. If new plugins were included that can make it worthwhile when you add up the cost of the plugins because you have some real value that can improve your mixing ability. If its just GUI eye candy BS then it would be good for people to know that as well.


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        I haven't used 8.5 much yet. Actually, my preamps and power amp are all waiting at a repair shop for different things that I need / want to have done with them. The place usually has a lineup, and my stuff's been there about 2 weeks now.

        The one thing that's apparent to me, even without going through the Cubase 8.5 new features list, is that the transport panel has a cleaner organization and design than before, and parts of it can be collapsed or expanded by clicking them.

        I'm sure the new Profile Manager will be useful to many audio engineers.
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          Here are some of the new interface features

          - cleaner transport panel with larger buttons and expandable / collapsible sections
          - new Profile Manager to create custom organizations of key command, plugin sets, and more, and use them on other computers running Cubase
          - all transport commands now exist in sub-menus in the Transport menu in the title bar, and there are some new commands
          - new punch points, which are like a second set of locators, which can be set independent of the regular locators
          - tempo track can be input into transport panel whether tempo track is active or not
          - locators / seek zones of ruler track are now highlighted differently when moused-over
          - can now create cycle-ranges within cycle-ranges. and switch between them by clicking on them
          - ruler colour can be customized
          - new tracks can now be added inside our outside of a folder, rather than just inside of one
          - group track routing by selecting all tracks and holding down the shift key while routing on one of them

          There are still lots of other changes, including stuff to MIDI, VST, editing, media bay, and some new plugins

          New enhancements to the drum editor are particularly welcome by me, and I'm sure others:

          I also like the redesign of the EQ and sends hover controls, and that they can be made static.
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            How much would that upgrade cost form an older version is you had to pay for it.
            All that stuff looks highly superficial. I don't see any meat and potatoes there worth getting excited over or shelling out any cash for it.


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              It cost me $200 to go from C6 to C8 Pro, which I did about a month before C8.5 released. When it released, I got bumped up to C8.5 Pro for free, because I was within the grace period. But I checked the price after getting the upgrade, and if I had bought an upgrade from C6 to C8.5 Pro after it was released, it would have cost $250 instead of just $200.

              Basically, every new 0.5 increment is a $50 premium over the previous release, and upgrading from old versions reflects the number of 0.5 differences of version in price.

              A lot of this stuff is small, but some of it is also stuff I've wanted in Cubase for many years, and so it's pretty exciting for me to now have it. Things like the additional punch in markers, group routing, the new drum editor tool that enables writing and erasing a hit point without changing tools, though small changes, increase baseline satisfaction in using the program for me, and are things that will be making a regular difference in my Cubase usage.

              On the Steinberg forums, it sounds like there is going to now be some major focus on addressing bugs in Cubase, which, it seems, a lot of people posting there think have been neglected for too long in favour of constant new features. Staff have posted to a criticism thread reassuring Cubase owners there that they are doing something about it.